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How do I play Co-Op?
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How do I play Co-Op?

Screenshot credits: Official Pokemon YouTube Channel
Screenshot credits: Official Pokemon YouTube Channel

Co-Op is a feature that lets you complete different modes in the game by teaming up with your friends. You can team up to 2 other people so you can command 1 Sync Pair each. This option however isn't available from the beginning since you need to progress the story.

How do I unlock Co-Op mode?

You need to complete all chapters up to 11. Once you have faced Brock, you'll get a notification that the Co-Op feature will be available for you to play with. You can then choose Co-Op when doing events or specific areas as long as the tab is available.

You can only use this feature with players in your friend list. As of the moment, there is no random matchmaking that lets you play with different people.

How do I invite my friends?

Once you have added people in your friends list, choose the battle that's available for co-op to bring up the matching lobby. You can then view your friends list and press "Invite". Other players can accept the invite through their Pory phone. Once everyone is ready, you just need to press "Go".

Benefits of Co-Op

When playing Co-Op modes, you get to access a feature called a unity attack. This will enable all sync pairs in the team to use a strong powerful move together, similar to a Sync Move.

Screenshot credits: Official Pokemon YouTube Channel
Screenshot credits: Official Pokemon YouTube Channel

This is helpful for challenging later battles that can get difficult when done alone. Take note though Co-Op mode is only available for specific battles only.

Once you have completed Chapter 18, you'll gain access to Very Hard Co-Op challenges. These provide you with more completion rewards, as well as Coins.


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