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How do I increase my Sync Pair's potential?
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How do I increase my Sync Pair's potential?

If you check each Sync Pair that you have, you'll see that they have a star rating ranging from three stars to 5 stars. This star rating affects your current Sync Pair's maximum Stats, as well as their Level Cap. All Sync Pairs in the game can have increased potential and become 5 star units, and eventually max potential.

In order to do this, you need to press Team -> Increase Potential. You'll see your list of Sync Pairs and the requirements that you need to increase them.

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Here's the list of items you need:

3 Star Sync Pair: x20 3 Star Power Up (Bronze colored ticket)
4 Star Sync Pair: x20 4 Star Power Up (Silver colored ticket)
5 Star Sync Pair: x20 5 Star Power Up (Gold colored ticket)

Increasing your potential provides stat bonuses to your characters. You can submit tickets one at a time, then once you reach 20 pieces, your Character's star rating will go up. Here are the bonuses you get once you complete 20 tickets:

x20 3 Star Power Up: +40 HP +20 All Stats
x20 4 Star Power Up: +40 HP +20 All Stats
x20 5 Star Power Up: +100 HP +40 All Stats

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Where can I get the Power Up tickets?

Power Up tickets will be provided to you if you get Duplicate Sync Pairs from scouting. Whenever you get a Duplicate Sync Pair, you can increase your Sync Move's power up to 5. Once you have maxed this amount (by getting a total of 5 duplicate sync pairs), the next duplicate pull will provide you with a power up ticket of the same star rating.

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Another way is to participate in ongoing events and get materials that you can use for exchanging. If you check the shop's exchange items section, you should be able to get some power-up tickets in exchange for current event items. Event exchange items can change at any time so make sure to check ongoing events.


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