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What are Evolution Shards and Evolution Crystals?
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What are Evolution Shards and Evolution Crystals?

Evolution Shards and Evolution Crystals are items that you need in order to Evolve Pokemon. You can get these from the Shop by exchanging them with Coins.

Evolution Shards cost 1000 Coins, and there's a limit that you can buy. Evolution Crystals on the other hand, will cost you 5000 coins and there's also a limit. The price of these items will increase for each subsequent purchase that you make.

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Once you purchased your limit for these items, they will be removed from the shop's daily tab. You can then check the Monthly tab and find more of these items, however their prices have increased to 10,000 and 300,000 respectively. Purchasing them once again will increase the price of the next batch further.

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It is recommended that you use your Evolution shards wisely since these items are hard to come by. You can only unlock the Sync Pair Story for evolution once you have these necessary items.

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