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What are the type weaknesses of Pokemon in Pokemon Masters?
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What are the type weaknesses of Pokemon in Pokemon Masters?

Unlike the regular Pokemon games, Type Weaknesses are different in this game. Each Sync Pair only has one type weakness so you have to check in-game which one it is.

In order for you to see the weakness of your team members, open the "Edit Team" area and check the details of your Sync Pair. Here, we can look at Treecko, a Grass Type that's supposed to be weak against Fire, Flying, Bug, Ice, and Poison Types. Brendan's Treecko however, is weak to Poison.

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Other Sync Pairs of the same type can have a different weakness. For example, Rosa's Snivy is weak against Flying type Pokemon. That's why it's good to know which opponents you have so you can check if you are vulnerable to them or not.

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When completing fights, make sure to check the Type Recommendation that's shown above your team. If you have the same types in your team, you'll get a Type Bonus which will increase your Team Strength.

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