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Support Sync Pair Tier List
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Support Sync Pair Tier List

Screenshot credits: gamewith.net
Screenshot credits: gamewith.net

Pokemon Masters continually adds different characters. This list will provide Sync Pairs from different potentials that you can choose from. Here, we have the different Support Sync Pairs that are beneficial to have (in no particular order)

Phoebe and Dusclops

Best paired with Strike Roles, this Sync Pair can increase the Critical Hit rate of the entire team through Dire Hit+. They also have the skill called “Unbreakable Bonds!” which can increase the attack of the entire team as well as their move gauge. If their HP reaches 33%, they can increase the team’s attack by 4 and move gauge by 3. You can increase the longevity of Dusclops through its passive, Vigilance, which prevents critical hits. Take note though that Dusclops is limited in offense, since Double-Edge can hurt itself as well.

Hilbert and Oshawott

They provide excellent buffs for the entire team. With X Speed All, everyone will gain an advantage of increased speed thus letting you get your turns faster. If Oshawott is targeted by enemies, it can use “In this together!” and increase the attack stat of your team. At max, it can increase attack by 6 if its hp goes to 33% and below. Waterfall is a move that can flinch opponents, thus reducing their turn. This Sync Pair is best on a team with Physical Strike Roles. Unlocking its passive, Impervious, prevents their Stats from getting lowered. Do take note though, that Oshawott isn’t good at dealing damage.

Rosa and Serperior

Once you Evolve Snivy into Serperior, you get increased Stats for this Sync Pair. A great Support with Special Strike Roles, they can increase the entire team’s stats using X Sp. Atk All which increases special attack. They can also use their skill “Time to Energize!” to increase the move gauge of your allies by three, thus letting you deal more Moves. If your HP goes low, you can recover some of it using Giga Drain. They have a passive that they can learn as well called Stalwart, and this prevents them from getting their Sp. Def lowered.

Lyra and Meganium

Another Sync Pair which gains benefits from Evolution, you get increased Stats once Chikorita turns all the way to Meganium. They can lower the opponent’s Special defense using energy ball when needed. They can be paired with other Strike teams since they have Dire Hit All which increases the critical-hit rate of everyone. Their move, “Sunny Side Up!” raises Attack, Special Attack, and Speed of all alies. These same stats are sharply raised when it’s sunny. Be careful though since Meganium’s defenses may not be the best.

Skyla and Swanna

Skyla and Swanna are able to heal allies using their potion move. With their “Take Flight!”, they can sharply raise the defense and speed of all sync pairs. This is great for preparing your Strike pairs as well as providing them with longevity. With these Moves and some secondary damage, they can assist both Support and strike allies.

Roxanne and Nosepass

Roxanne and Nosepass is a great Sync pair to have if you have Special Type Strike pairs in your team. To provide additional defense for the team, they have X Defense All. They also have “Study Buddies!” which sharply raises Special attack and Speed of all allied sync pairs. Their other move, Wide guard, will enable a stance/posture that will negate Moves that hit all allies. This is good when fighting against opponents that have area of effect attacks. You’ll have to depend on your special strike pairs for taking out opponents fast since Roxanne and Nosepass may not have the best defenses.

Liza and Lunatone

A great Sync Pair to have to boost both Physical and Special Strike pairs. You can provide Special Defense to the entire team with X. Sp Def All. They have the ability “Of One Mind!” which sharply raises the Attack and Special Attack of all Sync Pairs. You’ll have be careful with attacks that deal physical damage since they may be hard for Lunatone to withstand.

Marley and Arcanine

Marley and Arcanine are great at protecting the team from status conditions due to their skill “We’re Standing Strong!”. Not only can they protect from status conditions, they can heal the entire team. They can also provide Support through X Speed All for the entire team. With Flame Wheel and Flame Thrower, they can provide some damage and even burn opponents by chance.

Drake and Salamence

Drake and Salamence is able to assist Strike pair teams by providing faster move gauges. They can use X Sp. Def All for the entire team. The skill “Hard to Starboard! Increases move gauges for everyone by two, as well as sharply raising the defense for the team. They also have access to Dragon Breath which provides the chance to leaving opponents paralyzed. Their passive skill grants them the ability to lower the attack of the opposing team when Salamence comes in.


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