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How can I level up my Sync Pairs fast?
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How can I level up my Sync Pairs fast?

Since battles in Pokemon Masters require you to have different Type coverage, you'll want to have a team with different types as well. You need to level them up, increase their level caps, and their Potential in order to get stronger.

If you want to level up your Sync Pair fast, you may do the following steps:

1. Go to Explore and head to the Training Area.
2. Check the Level-Up Course or Level-Up Super Course
3. Challenge the different battles. You can use 2 strong Sync Pairs that you have, and have the third slot for the Sync Pair that you're leveling up.

Once you're leveling your characters, you get level up manuals at the same time. Use these items to boost your sync pair levels quickly. You can do this by pressing Team and then Level Up.

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You should see a list of your level up manuals below (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). Use any that you prefer for leveling your characters. It's easy to reach your Level Cap through this method. Once you have reached the max, you can try increasing their level cap of your Character.

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