Pokémon Masters

Creating your account
Pokémon Masters Guide

Creating your account

Trainer Voice-Over

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When starting the game for the first time, you have an option if you want to hear Japanese or English voices for the characters in the game. Choose which one you prefer, you can change this later once you're in the game.

Age Confirmation

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The next step will be your age confirmation. This information cannot be changed, so make sure to use your real birthday, or remember whatever information that you place.

End User License Agreement

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All games require you to read their terms and policies, once you have reviewed this and chosen your current country of residence, click the check box and press next.

Data Usage

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Extra permissions are being asked regarding your account data. Once you have agreed to their terms, accept the requests and then continue next.

Link Nintendo Account

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If you have a Nintendo account, you can choose to link it to your Pokemon Masters account. This will enable you to save your data to your Nintendo account so you can load your save data when needed. Make sure that your Nintendo Account is active and you have access to it.

Spending Notifications

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A final prompt will appear regarding your notifications. Choose which options you want, then click next.

Extra Download

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Once you have completed all of the steps, your game will start to Download extra data. The loading screen will show some information of various trainers that you'll be able to meet in the game. Once the download completes, you shall start your journey.


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