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How can I increase my team strength?
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How can I increase my team strength?

When fighting opponents in Pokemon Masters, you can gauge how strong your opponent is by looking at the recommended team strength on the battle details. If your strength number on the left side is higher, then you'll have a good chance of clearing this fight.

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However, if the number recommended is really higher than your current team strength, how will you overcome this? Your Team Strength is determined by the following factors:

Your current level
Your current Potential
Your Sync Pair Type

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In order to increase your team strength, you need to meet or exceed the above values. You can increase your team strength by doing the following:

1. Increase your Level Cap, and complete Level up courses to train your Sync Pairs. You can also level up using level-up manuals.
2. Increase your Sync Pair's Potential by using power up tickets
3. Use the appropriate Type recommendation for the fight since this will provide bonuses to your team strength.


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