Pokémon Masters

Meeting your first Sync Pairs
Pokémon Masters Guide

Meeting your first Sync Pairs

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You start your Journey with Pikachu in the island of Pasio. In the Pokemon Center, talk to the Nurse up ahead so that you can start off.

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She will provide you with a Poryphone for your journey. This device is needed in order for you to contact other players and their Pokemon, called Sync Pairs.

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For your first Team, Brock and Misty shall be introducing themselves to you. They'll be your first Sync Pair team, and you can create more variations in the future as you progress through the game.

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After you're done talking to them, you'll be provided with a reward which will let you go through the game's story. You can them talk to Misty and Brock after in the Pokemon Center.

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