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Help! I've completed all games but I need to get four stars. There are..

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Help! I've completed all games but I need to get four stars. There are no more games I can play on any level. What do I do besides buying credits?


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Not really sure how this happened to you but the game actually has some bugs to it. For instance, repeatedly checking the options for answers would oftentimes lead to one being unavailable any more, or at one point earned me both a deteriorated and improved relationship. Nonetheless, this never happened to our game when it comes to the number of stars. Probably you've missed something on previous chapters?

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Same happened to me. I finished all of the games and collected all of the stars on every level. I did it early. Now I need to collect two more but there are no more to collect in any level (also it didn't give me a star for one finished game so maybe that's what went wrong).

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