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Perhaps you have cleared the main story of Alchemy Stars already, and you’re trying to find out what to do next. Are there any other modes in the game that will challenge you, and make you strive to be better with your team? This is where the Spire comes in, this game mode is one of the end-game activities that you will want to work your way into completing, and you’ll be getting rewards along the way!

In this page, we’ll provide you with the basics of the Spire, what you’ll be needing, as well as the possible rewards that you can get. If you’re aiming to create element teams, then this mode is just for you. Let’s check what the Spire has to offer.

What is the Spire?

How to Unlock: Clear Stage 4-14

The Spire is a game mode that you can find on your exploration menu once you have cleared stage 4-14. Here, you’ll be able to take on challenges through different spires that let you challenge different battles as you climb up different floors.

You can challenge four spires that represent each element
You can challenge four spires that represent each element

There are four spires available that you can try to challenge, and each spire corresponds to the different elemental attributes that are featured in the game. This means that each spire will have a specific elemental attribute requirement for your team as follows:

Frost Spire
Molten Spire
Emerald Spire
Thunderbolt Spire

The game’s mode is simple in a way that you’ll just need to clear each stage and defeat the enemies in order to gain rewards. For each floor that you complete, you’ll be climbing up the spire. Your main goal is to reach the top, and complete the challenges.

The Spire only lets you go up, therefore once a floor has been completed, you’ll be able to get the rewards once. Based on your performance of clearing the challenge, each floor has a clear record that shows the results of the top players who are able to finish them. You can challenge lower floors once again, but this will not provide you with any rewards.

Rewards can only be obtained once as you climb up the spire
Rewards can only be obtained once as you climb up the spire

Each Spire has a total of 80 floors in total. Therefore, if you want to reach the top floor, you will want to make your Aurorians as strong as possible by maxing out their levels, as well as ascension, breakthrough, and equipment.

Spire Battle Requirements

In order to challenge a Spire, you will have to have a formation that is composed of a single attribute. For example, the Frost Spire can only let you have a formation of 5 Water Aurorians. With this in mind, you will have to consider the characters you will have in your party.

Example of a Forest team
Example of a Forest team

You will want to have a balanced mix of Snipers, Detonators, Converters, and Support. Earlier floors will be easier, but once you start climbing up the tower, you will need to have stronger characters. As much as possible, you will want 6-Star Aurorians, and perhaps some 5-Star ones as well.

Working on getting stronger Aurorians for each Spire will take a considerable amount of time and resources since you will want to get the best characters. This is why the Spire is one of the end-game activities you do in Alchemy Stars.

Possible Rewards

So, what are the rewards that you can actually get from completing the Spire? Rewards are provided to you for each floor that you complete, and they are only provided to you once. Since there are 80 floors of each spire, you have a total of 320 stages that can be completed that provide you with a variety of items.

Each stage provides rewards once only
Each stage provides rewards once only

Each stage can provide you with Nightium, Elemental Jaspers that provide level up bonuses, and most importantly, it can provide you with Ascension materials. One of the end-game activities is for you to reach Ascension 3 with your character, and this will require rare materials that have a low drop rate. The Spire has specific floors that can provide these materials guaranteed, so you will want to clear the stages as much as you can.

The Spire lets you challenge yourself by having different formations of characters of a single attribute, so you will want to find out which is the best for clearing a specific floor. You can check our character pages of 6-Star Aurorians since we have an overview of them, we have also categorized them by element so please check our guide menu.

This concludes our page regarding the Spire in Alchemy Stars. We have more guides available that you can check out. If you have any other questions, you can head to our Answers Page to see if there are any posts that can provide you with information. If you have any comments, please do let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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