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Alchemy Stars Beginner's Guide (Part 1)

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Alchemy Stars Beginner's Guide (Part 1)

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Starting out and playing a new game can be an exciting experience, and it can be daunting as well. Learning about new things and taking in a lot of information can overwhelm you, and you might know what to do. In Alchemy Stars, there’s a lot of characters you’re able to acquire, and there are different systems as well in terms of battle. With the different tasks that you can do, where do you start?

Welcome to our Alchemy Stars Beginner’s Guide! This is our first part, so please don’t forget to check part 2 later. In this page, we’ll provide you with the basics of the game such as acquiring your characters, as well as learning the basics of battle. So, let’s get started!

What exactly is Alchemy Stars?

Alchemy Stars is a mobile game that has some strategy roleplaying elements. The game has been developed by TourDog Studio, and has been supported by Tencent Games in order to get published globally. The game features a wide variety of characters, and its gameplay involves moving your characters through colored tiles in order to create a path for them so they can attack.

Alchemy Stars
Alchemy Stars

The game is set on the World of Astra, and there’s an ongoing war between two entities of Light and Dark. The Aurorians, are people of the Light and the Eclipsites, are people of the Dark. You as the player, will command the Caelestite, a race that has been exterminated by the dark years ago, but you are a survivor. You will then, guide the Aurorians in combat with your ability to see the Light Trails, these are the colored tile paths that you will guide them through in order for them to attack.

The game features a story mode that will let you learn more about the different characters. You will find that some of them belong to different groups which their own goals. There are many things that you’ll be discovering in this world, so you’ll want to have a good team with you.

Play through the Game’s Tutorial

The main story of the game will start out with you meeting your first group of characters. The story will involve some dialogues, as well as some cutscenes, but you’re free to skip them if you wish. Playing through the game’s tutorial will let you learn about the basics of the game.

Learn about movement and skills through the game's tutorial
Learn about movement and skills through the game's tutorial

When starting out, you will learn about how to move your character through the colored tiles, then you will learn about your team’s elements and required tile paths. Towards the end of the tutorial, you will also learn to use different skills of your characters.

Learning about the game’s mechanics is important if you’ll want to succeed in clearing out the story line. Some of the mechanics in the tutorial will carry over to the main story, even if you have changed your characters. Once the tutorial has been completed, it will continue until you clear Operation 1-4 of the story.

Reroll for your first Team

Pretty much like any other gacha game, you can reroll your account in Alchemy Stars in order to aim for a good unit. When completing the game’s tutorial for the first time, you can claim your free rewards in the mailbox and get some premium currency in order for you to use at the recruit page.

Recruit for your units and aim for 5-Star and 6-Star characters
Recruit for your units and aim for 5-Star and 6-Star characters

When recruiting members, you’ll want to be able to get 5-Star or 6-Star units. If you use up all your currency and didn’t get any, you’ll want to repeat over and reset your account. This will let you play through the game’s tutorial again and get a new set of currency for recruiting.

Since you’ll want to aim for the best characters, you can check our Alchemy Stars Tier List for more information so you can see which characters are available that are strong. We also have a specific Reroll Guide that you can check out in order to know which steps you need to do.

Learn the different Elements

Once you have recruited your first set of characters, you’ll notice that they each have an elemental attribute assigned to them. In Alchemy Stars, you will find that there is an element system that has been implemented. Elements have strengths over other elements, and they will form a pattern as follows:

  • Water (Blue) > Fire (Red)
  • Fire (Red) > Forest (Green)
  • Forest (Green) > Thunder (Yellow)
  • Thunder (Yellow) > Water (Blue)

    With that in mind, you’ll be able to form teams in order to get elemental advantages versus your opponents. A good way for playing through the game is to have a mono team of each element available. The more members in a team of the same element, then the stronger that they become. When starting out in the game, you’ll be able to get some Water recruits through the story, but you’ll want to form your own.

    Check your character's Elemental Attribute
    Check your character's Elemental Attribute

    Check out the recruits that you have, and pick out the strongest units per element so you can put them together. You will then be able to choose them when fighting specific enemies that have the elemental weakness.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Battle System

    If you want to maximize the damage output that you have versus an opponent, you’ll need to be able to connect as much tiles as the same color as possible, and provide a path for your Aurorian in order to walk through. As they go through a longer path, you’ll get bonuses for their damage. Aside from the regular attacks that each Aurorian does, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with their skills:

  • Active skills: When playing through the game’s tutorial, you’ll be introduced to the system of Active skills. These are skills that you manually activate by pressing the character’s icon, and initiating their respective skill. Some skills can only be used later in the battle, while some skills can be used at the start such as movement ones like Dove’s.

  • Chain Skills: Each character has a chain skill that can be used automatically. As the name implies, the skill will require you to chain a certain number of tiles before it can be activated. The longer the tile that you have chained, then the better the effects of the chain skill can become. Your character’s Star Rating can also affect the damage increase of your chain skill, so you’ll want to have 5-Star or 6-Star Units to make the most out of the damage.

    Check your unit's skills
    Check your unit's skills

    In order to learn more about your character’s skills, you can check the Aurorian section of the main page of the game. Tapping on the skills of a character on the lower left side will let you see the different skills that they have, so you can familiarize yourself with their tactics in advance.

    Another way for a character to get strong is through the use of Equipment Skills. These provide them with passive bonuses which can give them buffs or increased stats. Equipment can only be provided to units that have ascended only. So, this is a feature you’ll focus on later in the game, but not when starting out.

    This concludes our first part for our beginner’s guide in Alchemy Stars. Please check out our Part 2 of the guide as we’ll provide you tips on how to learn more about the game’s features. We will also have other guides available as we progress through the game, so please check our guide menu.

    If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know! You can also check out the Answers Page to see if there are any questions you might find there that have answers to, or perhaps you can submit your own.
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