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In Alchemy Stars, being able to recruit strong Aurorians will help you in the progression of the game’s story, as well as different types of content. As much as possible, you’ll want to get strong 6-Star Aurorians in order to help you out. Is there a sure way to get some of them?

Later in the game’s story, you’ll be able to unlock the Old Seal. This is a feature that lets you recruit strong 6-Star Legendary Aurorians of each element. In this page, we’ll provide you with information about the Old Seal, how the recruitment process works, as well as its restrictions.

What is the Old Seal?

When playing Alchemy Stars for the first time, you’ll be able to find the game’s main menu. You will notice that there are several locked menu items, and the Old Seal is one of them. This game feature can be unlocked once you progress through the game’s story.

Clear Stage 7-14 to unlock the Old Seal

Clear Stage 7-14 to unlock the Old Seal

In fact, you can unlock the Old Seal once you clear Stage 7-14 which is near the end. The Old Seal is a system that lets you recruit strong characters by completing a series of quests. These characters have unique properties to them as well in terms of their skills. Once you complete the stage requirement, you can start the recruitment process.

Legendary Aurorian Recruitment

Upon clicking the Old Seal menu, you’ll be provided with four characters that have 6-Star ratings. These are the Legendary Aurorians, and there is one of each elemental type. The following characters are available for recruitment:


You can recruit strong 6-Star Aurorians

You can recruit strong 6-Star Aurorians

The Legendary Aurorians are special because they come with max ascension levels already. Therefore, you’ll just need to upgrade them to their full potential and provide them with their breakthrough levels. In order to get them, you will choose one Legendary Aurorian first, and you will start a process in order to get them to your team.

Recruitment Quests

By choosing the specific Legendary Aurorian for recruitment, you will then be provided with a series of quests. As seen in the image provided below, there are 5 stages of quests that you’ll be completing, and each stage has several achievements you need to follow.

You will need to complete 5 Stages of different quests

You will need to complete 5 Stages of different quests

Some of the requirements will need logging in for specific periods, so this will be a time-consuming process. If you want to recruit someone from the Old Seal, you will need to make sure of if you want to pursue them. Switching the Aurorian of your choice doesn’t carry over any progress that you have.

Recruitment Restrictions

When recruiting someone from the Old Seal, your quest progress is saved only for that Aurorian. You will find that there’s a Switch Aurorian button that lets you choose another legendary instead. However, there are some restrictions when you choose another character.

Switching characters will reset your quest progress

Switching characters will reset your quest progress

Any quest progress that you have with a certain character will be reset, and you will start from scratch on the next character that you choose. Because of this, any time-consuming quest such as log-ins will all be erased, and you’ll take a longer time before unlocking them.

It would be best for you to choose one legendary and complete it through. If you have a specific team in mind such as a mono attribute team, then perhaps you can choose the proper elemental character in order to fit them. Recruiting these characters will take a while, so choose the one you’ll use a lot first before moving to the next one.

With these characters on hand, you’ll be able to make a stronger team. You can check our specific character pages for each of them so you’ll know more about their profile and skills. We hope that our Old Seal guide has helped you with learning more about this system.

We also have other guides available in Alchemy Stars, please don’t forget to check our guide menu. You can also check our Answers Page if you will want to drop in any questions. If you have any other comments, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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