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In the world of Alchemy Stars, the constant use of different materials and items in order to improve is going to be one of the common things that you will be doing in the game. You will want to have stronger characters, as well as build up your base, and all of these require you to use different materials.

One of the features in the game’s exploration is having a specific resource section. In this area, you can complete battles in order to get different kinds of resources. This resource guide will provide you with the different types of resources you can get, as well as a way for you to get them faster.

What are Resources?

How to unlock Resource: Clear Stage 1-14

Any material in the game that’s used for upgrading or improving a character and your base will be considered a resource. Not only are materials counted as resources, but the currency that you use in order to pay fees are counted as well.

Progress through the game's story to unlock more resource areas
Progress through the game's story to unlock more resource areas

Most of the resources that you get from the game can also be acquired when completing different stages from the game’s story, or perhaps you can get them as rewards for free. However, there are some resources in the game that you will need a lot, therefore the Resource feature is provided to you. The first resource stage is unlocked at stage 1-14, then you will need to keep playing the story to unlock the rest of them.

Forgotten Snow

Resources Available: Aurorian Upgrade Materials

One of the first resources that you’ll be able to unlock is the Forgotten Snow area. This section lets you acquire different materials in order to upgrade your Aurorians. Upgrading is another term for leveling your characters up, and they will require these items as well as nightium in order to become better.

Get upgrade materials for each element
Get upgrade materials for each element

Leveling up is important since this increases your character’s stats. Once you maximize your character’s level, you can then increase their Ascension levels in order to unlock new level caps. The Forgotten Snow area lets you acquire different Jaspers of each attribute available.

Based on the character you’re trying to level up, you’ll want to get the corresponding Jasper of their element in order to get EXP bonuses. Not only do you get Jaspers here, but you’ll also get commander EXP which will help level up your account in order to gain higher prism levels.

White Night, Black Underbelly

Resources Available: Nightium

The next resource that you’ll be needing is Nightium, which is the game’s main common currency. Nightium is needed as fees for a lot of upgrades such as your character’s level, and even your equipment levels. Here, you’ll be able to battle through different stages based on difficulty, and you’ll be able to gain more Nightium based on the stage selected.

Farm Nightium whenever you run out
Farm Nightium whenever you run out

Nightium is usually given out through game rewards, and you can also get them through the story as completion rewards. You can use this stage just in case you really run out of Nightium. Take note that you’ll need to use Stamina, and this is a limited resource.

As your characters get stronger, they will need more resources as well as Nightium. Having this resource stage available is helpful if you’re in a pinch of currency. The battles are also straightforward since you just need to defeat one boss as fast as you can.

Burning Aesthetics

Resources Available: Colossus Materials

The Colossus is considered your base, and there are different rooms available with a lot of functions. As you progress through the game, you will want to upgrade the rooms of the Colossus in order for them to provide better benefits for you.

Improve your Colossus rooms with the materials from this area
Improve your Colossus rooms with the materials from this area

Upgrading the Colossus will require you to gather different materials available, and you can get them from the Burning Aesthetics section. You will want to maximize the rooms that you have as much as possible in order to have efficient features such as acquiring free prisms as well as dispatching your Aurorians in order to get materials and Lumamber.

The stage that you will need to play will require you to defend a machine that has its own skills. The enemies here will not attack you, and it will try to attack the machine instead. Your goal is to defeat all enemies and keep the machine safe, so you’ll want to have a team that’s full of characters specializing in offense.

Tempering Illumina

Resources Available: Equipment Materials

There are a lot of ways for you to have stronger Aurorians. We have already discussed about increasing their upgrade levels, as well as providing bonuses through breakthroughs and ascension. One of the ways for characters to get stronger is through the use of Equipment.

Improve equipment by getting its materials here
Improve equipment by getting its materials here

Equipment is unlocked after you reach Ascension 1 for your character, and you gain an equipment skill. Upgrading your equipment will increase extra stats for your character, and you will need the proper materials. You can get these from the Tempering Illumina section of the resource area.

The battles here involve you fighting a boss that has two stages. The first stage will involve defeating a boss that has four legs. They have the capability of generating shields, so you’ll want to be able to hit as much normal attacks as you can. Once you reach the second stage, you’ll then have to defeat individual legs, so it shouldn’t be that hard since their HP isn’t that high.

Using Carriers and unlocking Advanced Stages

When playing the game for the first time you will perhaps have a quest that will require you to use Carriers. It isn’t specified exactly what it is or where you’ll find it. Carriers are a feature that you can toggle on or off when playing through the game’s resource stages.

Toggle the Carrier feature to speed up farming
Toggle the Carrier feature to speed up farming

They enable you to get double rewards for twice the stamina used, therefore it makes farming for resources faster. Carriers get restored over time, so you will want to use them as much as possible whenever you play through the game’s resource mode.

You can have more Carriers available depending on your resource station’s level at the Colossus, so you will want to upgrade that room to the maximum level possible. Your resource station’s level will also determine the raid levels available when gathering resources.

We hope that our resource guide has helped you learn more about the different stages you can play in order to get materials for getting stronger. We have other guides available as well in Alchemy Stars so please don’t hesitate to check our guide menu.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t forget to check our Answers Page. There might be some questions there that you can find or perhaps you can drop one on your own. You can also comment us down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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