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Alchemy Stars Cheats and Tips

Here are our best tips and tricks for Alchemy Stars! You can find more infor in our Alchemy Stars Walkthrough and Alchemy Stars Answers pages.

How can I efficiently upgrade my recruits?

Being able to upgrade your characters in Alchemy Stars is important in order to get stronger. As you progress through the game's different modes, you'll be challenging enemies that get higher levels. In order to increase the chance of success, you will want to upgrade your current units with their respective levels.

In order to level your characters up, check the Aurorian page and then press the upgrade button. There, you will be able to level up each of your characters by consuming Jaspers. These can be obtained as you progress through the game's story, but you will want more.

In order to efficiently upgrade your recruits, you will want to get Jaspers that provide bonuses to their respective element. In order to do this, you will have to farm them by unlocking the Resource section of the game. This can be unlocked by clearing stage 1-14, and you should be able to farm elemental jaspers. You can get better materials as well as you upgrade your colossus base. Use the elemental jaspers with the respective element of your unit, and you'll get bonus EXP points.

How to unlock the dispatch feature in the Colossus

Whenever you have team formations, you can assign up to 5 members for each team. You'll want to create stronger teams, so you might wonder if your other characters will have any uses. The Dispatch office is a feature where you can send out teams on a quest, and they can come back with materials. This is a good way for you to use your other recruits since they only need to use time in order to finish their tasks.

In order to unlock some areas of the Colossus such as the Dispatch Office, you will need to talk to your Aurorians through your Comm Device. This device can be obtained after clearing 1-13 and you'll be able to chat with Aurorians. Talk to all of them, and there will be instances where you're asked to go to the Colossus in order to have a conversation. You should be able to unlock the Dispatch Office through one of the Aurorians, as well as other locations.

What should I do after I have maxed my character's level?

Each Aurorian has a level cap which corresponds to their current ascension level. When checking the Aurorian info page, you should see the Ascension tab just beside the upgrade tab. Maxing out your upgrade level is a requirement in order to go through Ascension, this increases your character's stats, and it will provide them with a new level cap so you can upgrade them once again.

In order to Ascend your character, you will need Ascension materials which are listed on the screen. Tap each material to see where it can be farmed. A good tip is for you to play stages that have regular drops since these provide 100% materials. Materials that are Tier 4 however, will only be applicable to maps that have a low drop rate, and they won't be available in the regular drops. This will make higher ascension tiers challenging, so make the most out of your prisms by choosing characters you will use often. Once you have cleared 4-14, you will be able to unlock the Spire which is a game mode that has Ascension materials as rewards as well.

Using Star Gems and Super Star Gems

Recruiting characters in the game can be exciting since you do not know which characters you'll be able to get. However, you might also be wondering what will happen if you get a duplicate character pull. Thankfully, you are rewarded with items whenever a duplicate character is acquired, and they can provide you with materials that can be used as currency in order to recruit other characters from the store.

Star Gems and Super Star Gems are currencies provided to you from pulling extra characters, and these gems are used at the shop that needs this currency. It's a good way for you to save up these gems in order to get specific characters that are available. The number of gems that you will get will be based on the star rating of the duplicate character you have. 5 or 6-Star duplicates will provide you with higher quality gems. Check the store for the rotating character that's provided, since the gems are the needed currency for that.

Changing your Captain

Whenever creating your team formation, you will have a captain that can make use of all colored tiles available, and you will have team members that can only attack which are based on their respective element. In order to maximize the characters on your team, you should always take note of their elements, and check to see which pairs can help each other out.

Mixing and matching your captain and their followers can provide you with a better opportunity on the tide of battle. If you look at the right hand screen during a fight, you should be able to see your list of characters available with the captain shown at the top. You can swap your captain by pressing the icon above them that has the number 3. This means that you have an opportunity of swapping the captain, so they can lead a follower based on the tile that you have chosen. Make use of the captain change since this can provide you with added strategy during a fight.

How to recover Stamina

Stamina in Alchemy Star is determined by how much Prisms that you have. These are recovered over time, and you should be able to continue playing the game's modes once you have enough of the prism requirements. However, you might be wondering how you can recover your stamina faster.

One of the ways in order to get Prisms immediately is by checking your inventory. When starting out in the game, you should have been able to get a lot of rewards. One of the items that you can use in order to recover prisms immediately is the Recharger Pack. This provides you immediately with 60 prisms. You can also unlock the Colossus and build the Prism Pillar facility, here you can prisms over time that you can claim. The higher upgrade of this room, then the higher number of prisms you can get.

Using Solambers

When recruiting new Aurorians, they will be added to your list of characters that you can use in formations. However, they do not get removed from the pool of characters that are possible to recruit still. Whenever getting duplicate characters, not only do you get star gems and super star gems, but you also receive a different material called a Solamber. This material is character specfic, so if let's say you have Vice on your team, and you pull another Vice through recruiting, then you will get a Vice Solambers instead.

Solambers are great materials to have in order to strengthen a character that you own. When you check the Aurorian page, look at a character that you have and check the Breakthrough section. This will show you a page that has 6 stars you can fill up. Each star increases your character's stats or skills, and it's a great way for you to strengthen your character. You will notice that some stars will only need Heartstones, but others will need Solambers as well. One of the rewards of getting multiple duplicate characters is that you'll be able to maximize their breaktrough. You will notice however that there's only three stars that need Solambers. A system will be added in the future just in case you have extra Solambers on hand, so don't get rid of them.

How to avoid moving your characters during battle

In Alchemy Stars, being able to move your character in order to create a path is the basic premise of how battles are done. The longer the path, then the higher damage bonus that they can get. Being able to move a lot is the common thing we tend to think of when performing a round, but there might be times actually where you wouldn't want to move.

Some instances in the game will show you sections where there are terrain obstacles, or perhaps a boss is charging up a move that can hit a certain range of area. Being able to move is an option, but what if you'll have an advantage by not moving your character at all? Thankfully, you can skip moving by double tapping your character. This isn't discussed in the game's tutorial, so hopefully it can help you out as one of your strategies. There might be some instances where you'll want to stall in order to survive, so being able not to move can provide you with an advantage.

How to get a guaranteed 5-Star Character

When recruiting characters in Alchemy Stars, you will want to be able to get a 5-Star character or 6-Star Character. However, there can be chances where you wouldn't get them and just get low tiered ones. Take note that in every recruitment banner, there's a way for you to get a guaranteed 5-Star at least.

When looking at the recruit options, you'll get an option to recruit 1 time or 10 times. A 5-Star character is guaranteed for the first 10 rolls on every banner that's available. This would be a good way of building up your roster, since a lot of 5-Star rated characters are still good when forming a team.

How to undo selected tiles

When fighting a battle, you'll create paths for your characters by connecting tiles that they can move through. There can be cases where you'll make a mistake and you will backtrack the path with your finger in order to undo the selected tiles. There are however, other ways of undoing in order to make it easier for you. If you want to delete the path you made, you can tap on your character to remove the path or you can press the Drag to Cancel button on the upper right side of the screen.

There will be instances as well where you will want to undo a path halfway. If that's the case, you can tap on a tile that's on the middle of the path, and you can cut the path up to that portion. This is a good way for undoing the tile paths that you have instead of backtracking tile per tile, and it will save you a lot of time.


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Alchemy Stars FAQs

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How can I get Star gems and Super Star gems?

Whenever you summon a duplicate character, you’ll get equivalent star gems based on the duplicate’s rating. 3-Star = 10 Star Gems, 4-Star = 25 Star Gems, 5-Star = 5 Super Star Gems, 6-Star = 20 Super Star Gems.

What’s the fastest way to farm ascension materials?

If you have ascensions that are less than three, use the regular drop stage. All regular drop stages have 100% materials. Tier 4 maps are from low drop stages where they have a 33% rate. You can also complete Spire Missions in order to get them.

What’s the use of Star Crest on the store?

Star Crests are used in order to provide the breakthrough needed for Aurorians that have an old seal on them.

How can you change your email’s log in password?

If you registered an account using an email instead of linking it, you can reset your password by using the Forgot Password button that’s on the log in screen.

How can you farm Potion III?

In order to farm potion III, you’ll want to do a combination of farming low drop rate maps, and then getting materials in order to craft them. You’ll get supply kits which will provide you with the materials to create purple materials.

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