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Playing through a new game is an exciting experience since you are experiencing features that may be unfamiliar to you. When starting out, you might be wondering if all of the game’s features will be thrown at you at the beginning which can make you feel overwhelmed. In Alchemy Stars, the different game features are provided to you gradually. This way, you will be able to learn the basics of the game and its different sections in a steady pace.

In this page, we’ll be providing you the basics of the features available in this game, as well as how to unlock them. Hopefully this will help you know which functions in the game you’ll be expecting as you progress through the game’s story.

What are Unlockable Features?

Once you start Alchemy Stars, you’ll be playing through the game’s tutorial, as well as recruiting your first set of characters. You will notice however, that the main screen will show you different parts of the menu that have locked content. These are unlockable features, and you will only gain access to them once you have achieved specific conditions.

Features are locked in Alchemy Stars in order to provide you with a steady pace in terms of progression. This way, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with a feature once it has been unlocked, then you will need to play through the game’s story in order to learn more about battles, and then eventually unlock a new feature.

When starting out in the game, a lot of features are locked
When starting out in the game, a lot of features are locked

The benefits of this will help you master the game faster. But if you want to unlock all features as fast as possible, then you might want to know which sections of the game you will need to complete in order to gain access to them. Thankfully, it isn’t very hard to unlock features since you will need to progress in the game’s story mode.

List of Features and how to Unlock them

We have compiled the different features available in Alchemy Stars and provided a description on what to expect from them. The list below provides their unlocking methods, and we have tried to place them in order of their appearance.

This table might be updated as we find more unlockables, so please don’t forget to check this page from time to time. You’ll be able to use this as a check list in order to maximize your game’s content.

How to Unlock
Enables you to play a stage automatically
Clear stage without Support
Lets you view and strengthen all Aurorians that you have recruited
Unlocked at the beginning
Lets you play through the game's main story
Unlocked at the beginning
Lets you create a team and save up to different formations
Unlocked at the beginning
Lets you choose a stage in the story mode
Unlocked at the beginning
Lets you recruit new characters through different banners
Unlocked at the beginning
Lets you view the Store of the game where you can purchase items
Unlocked at the beginning
Your inventory with your items
Unlocked at the beginning
Lets you unlock quests that can provide you with rewards for accomplishing them
Clear 1-5
Play the game at x2 speed which will help completing battles faster
Clear 1-6
Time Limited Growth
A reward system where you complete tasks, and more get unlocked on following days
Clear 1-8
A section in the game to view different notices, news, events, and you can redeem codes here
Clear 1-9
The player's base where you can upgrade different rooms in order to get bonuses
Clear 1-10
Comm Device
Enables you to talk to Aurorians and gain different interactions
Clear 1-13
A section in the game that lets you farm different kinds of materials
Clear 1-14
A bonus section containing character art, music, replays, and other media
Clear 1-16
Extra Chapter
Additional stages in the game that provide challenging tasks
Clear 3-13
Secret Territory
A unique game mode where you need to clear 5 floors with set stats for your characters
Clear 3-6
A game mode that lets you run mono element teams in order to get rewards and materials
Clear 4-14
Old Seal
A feature that lets you unlock a strong 6-Star character of each element for your team
Clear 7-14

As you can see, some of the major features in the game can only be obtained as you progress later on in the story. In order to reach the progression that you need, you will have to strengthen your characters by upgrading them, ascending them, and performing breakthroughs.

Check each of your Aurorian to see if you have the materials needed in order to make them stronger. You can always tap on each material to see the location of where to farm them. Once you have ascended your characters, you’ll be able to unlock a new level cap and make them stronger.

We hope that our unlockables guide has helped you with the different game features. We shall be creating other pages as well in our guide so please don’t forget to check our menu. You can also head to our Answers Page to see if there are any questions there that might interest you, or you can ask your own. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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