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Welcome to our Alchemy Stars Beginner’s Guide – Part 2! In this page, we’ll be continuing from where we left off in our first part of the guide which provided you with the basics of Alchemy Stars. Here, we’ll be providing you with more information about your team, as well as some tips that you can do in order to be part of your daily routine.

Unlocking areas of the game’s menu is also needed, so you must play through the game’s story. The game’s progression is provided to you based on your accomplishments with the story, so you’ll want to have a good team. Let’s check the things that you can do in Alchemy Stars!

Keep a Balanced Team

Whenever you recruit characters in Alchemy Stars, you shouldn’t just rely on their Star ratings as well as their elements. There are different kinds of roles that each character has, and they are important in terms of keeping balance with your team. If you check your character unit, you’ll notice that there’s a designated role shown on the left-hand side of the screen.

Check your character's role through their page
Check your character's role through their page

Here are the roles that you’ll able to find in Alchemy Stars:

  • Snipers and Detonators: As their name implies, their roles are to provide damage. Typically known as DPS Roles (Damage per second), they are needed in order to take out enemies as fast as possible. Snipers can deal damage from afar and hit enemies individually, while Detonators can attack a wide range. Having both in a team is useful in order to provide the best results in battle.

  • Converters: Knowing that there are many colored tiles in the game, you’ll want to have units that are able to change the colors of the tiles to their respective element in order for you to provide a path for your team. Depending on the team composition that you have, being able to convert the tile colors around you can open up new possibilities in moving your team for their attacks.

  • Supports: In order to keep your team alive, you’ll need supports in order to recover damage that has been sustained from enemy attacks. Aside from healing, some supports can provide other types of effects such as redirecting enemy attacks to them, or perhaps they can knock enemies off towards other directions.

    So how many of each role should you place in a team? You have 5 slots therefore you’ll want to have one of each type. One DPS, Support, and Converter will keep your team balanced, and you’ll have two slots that you can mix and match according to your liking. This way, you’ll be more flexible with your decisions, such as adding more dps for power, more converters for choices, or perhaps more support for the bonuses.

  • Strengthen your Characters

    As you progress through the game’s story and other content, enemies will start becoming stronger. Because of this, you might get challenging battles ahead of you, and completing all sub missions of an operation can get tricky. In order to continue forward, you’ll want to strengthen your characters. One of the ways of getting your characters stronger such as Upgrading and Ascension.

    Upgrades increase your character's level
    Upgrades increase your character's level

  • Upgrading: This feature was provided to you as part of the game’s tutorial. When upgrading a character, you’ll be asked to use different kinds of Jaspers. They provide EXP to your character, and they can increase their levels. Depending on the type of Jasper that you use, you may be able to get higher exp. There are Jaspers as well that can provide better experience points for specific elements. You should be able to get Jaspers from playing through the game’s story.

  • Ascension: Once you hit your first level cap with your character, you will have to Ascend your character in order to make them stronger. Ascension not only provides an increased level cap, but you will gain increased stats such as your attack, defense, and health. You will also be able to unlock equipment skills for your character which provides more bonuses. In order to Ascend, you’ll be asked for Ascension materials, you can click on each one in order to see where they can be dropped. Once you have unlocked the Spire, you’ll be able to farm there much better.

    Other ways for your characters to get stronger is through breakthroughs and improving their equipment. But if you’re starting at the game, you will want to focus on these later on as you progress through the story. Focusing on upgrades and eventually ascension are tasks you will want to start with.

  • The Colossus

    Once you have cleared Operation 1-10, you’ll be able to unlock the Colossus feature in the game. Upon checking on it for the first time, you’ll be introduced to the huge ship with different levels and rooms. Here, you’ll learn that there are different rooms that you can repair, and you can designate characters to man these rooms. The Colossus is a place that lets you claim different bonuses, items, and more, and it’s all based on the room you repair.

    Unlock and upgrade different rooms for bonuses
    Unlock and upgrade different rooms for bonuses

    For example, you can collect Prism from the Prism Pillar, this is a good way for you to replenish this resource in order for you to continue with the game’s story. Eventually, you’ll be able to visit the base of your friends and exchange items.

    Some of the rooms in the Colossus lets you retrieve materials. Aside from farming them from different areas in the game, this is a way for you to acquire extra in a passive manner. Extra characters that you have that you don’t really use can be put to work in the Colossus since there are dispatch missions too. Based on your needs, focus on upgrading specific rooms that provide you with the bonus that you require the most.

    Learn more about the Currencies and Materials

    Similar to other Gacha games, there are different types of currencies and materials that you can find in Alchemy Stars. Some currencies are used for basic tasks such as upgrades, while some are needed in order for purchasing and summoning. Here is the list of currencies you’ll commonly see in the game:

    Some currencies are displayed on the main UI
    Some currencies are displayed on the main UI


    JasperJaspers are used to increase the EXP to your units. Based on the variety of Jasper that you use; you'll be able to provide up to a substantial number of experience in order for them to level up.
    LumamberLumamber is a premium currency, usually purchased with real money. You can use Lumamber to buy prisms, star flares, and from the store. Since this currency is premium, it's difficult to obtain for a free to play player.
    NightiumNightium is the basic currency that you can acquire. They are given as rewards from sign in, missions, events, etc. They can be used when upgrading your characters and equipment, they are also used at the mystery shop.
    PrismPrism is the material that's used as Stamina. In order to complete missions, you will need prism to play. These are generally regenerated over time, but you can also get them from the Colossus base.
    Star FlareStar Flares are the currencies used in order to recruit characters. They can be purchased with Lumamber, and there is a Special Star Flare that's used for targeted banners.


    Ascension MaterialsAscension Materials are required for the Ascension feature of a character. These include Crystal Dust, Destiny Champagne, Flare Silt, Battle Archives, and more. You can tap on each material to see where they can be acquired.
    Breakthough MaterialsBreakthrough Materials are used for the Breaktrough feature on the character page, these provide you with increased stats for your character. These include Heartstone and Solamber of your respective character which is acquired from duplicate recruits.

    Collect your free items and daily rewards

    Part of your routine in Alchemy Stars is for you to claim the free items that you can get in the game. Each reset day, you’re provided with sign-in rewards and monthly login rewards. A lot of the items that you can get from here will help you with your game.

    Check the Calendar icon from the main screen
    Check the Calendar icon from the main screen

    Always make sure to check your in-game mail as well since you can receive updates with freebies every now and then. The items can you get can range from Nightium, Ascension Materials, Lumamber, Jaspers, and more. They’re free, so always check in each day!

    With all of these tips, you should be able to play Alchemy Stars in no time without issues. Gather your team, and progress through the game’s story! You’ll eventually be able to strengthen your team, and be prepared for any content that will come in the future.

    We hope that our Part 2 of our Alchemy Stars Beginner’s guide has helped you out. We will be having other guides available as well, so please don’t forget to check them out. If you have any other questions, you can also check out our dedicated Answers Page. You can leave us a comment as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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