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Exploring the world of Astra is one of your main tasks in playing Alchemy Stars. When starting out with the game’s tutorial, you’ll be beginning the first stages of the different episodes of the game. One of the main features is for you to complete the game’s story, and this is done through the game’s story mode.

One of the features of the game is the Positioning, and this lets you choose different stages in the game and complete different battles. There, you’ll be unlocking more stages, as well as new episodes until you reach the very end. In this page, we’ll provide you what this game mode provides for you.

Stage Selection

When playing Alchemy Stars for the first time, you’ll be playing through the game’s tutorial as the Navigator. It might not be shown to you at first, buy you’ll actually be playing through the game’s first stages through this tutorial. Starting at Stage 1-1, you will complete the tutorial until you finish Stage 1-4 and you can start recruiting for your characters.

Finish different stages to progress through the game's story
Finish different stages to progress through the game's story

The Stage selection in Alchemy Stars is quite straightforward. You complete one stage, and you’ll be unlocking the next stages until you complete until the end. Once the stage is completed, you’ll be able to unlock the next episode which will provide you with more stages to unlock. Clearing the stages lets you gain free rewards, and you’ll be provided with items from finishing the game’s plot.

As you progress through more stages, the enemies that you face will get stronger. Therefore, you will need to make your characters stronger as well by leveling them up, and eventually providing them with breakthroughs and ascension.

Conditions and Rewards

Each stage in the game has a 3-star rating, and you will want to maximize this as much as possible. When clicking on a stage, you’ll be provided with the list of conditions as well as rewards. Checking the 3-Star conditions on the lower left side will provide you with a list of goals that you need to do when completing the stage. Clearing each condition will provide you with 1 star each. Auto Battle is unlocked once you clear the stage without any support from other player's characters.

Maximize your rewards by achieving 3-Stars for the stage
Maximize your rewards by achieving 3-Stars for the stage

When completing a battle successfully, you’ll be provided with a set of rewards. However, in order to maximize your rewards, you will need to achieve a 3-Star rating. Lumamber is given out when clearing the stage for the first time, and you can also gain Lumamber for having a 3-Star rating. There are some stages in the game that provides other items as well.

Chapter Reward

When collecting different stars in each stage, you can also complete Chapter Rewards. From the Positioning screen, you should see the Chapter Reward on the upper right side. Each episode has a set number of stars that you need to collect.

Extra rewards are provided each chapter based on the stars you have collected
Extra rewards are provided each chapter based on the stars you have collected

Based on the number that you have, you can unlock more rewards for the chapter such as Star Flares, Nightium, and you can even get Décor for the Colossus. Eventually you will have some stages that can be difficult to complete with 3-Stars, but you can always come back to them later once you are stronger.

Completing these rewards will help build up your currencies for making your characters stronger, and the Star Flares will also help you out with recruiting new characters. You can even save them up for later in case of future banners.


Completing the whole stage will unlock the next episode. You will then complete the next stages and keep going forward as you unlock more. In Alchemy Stars, there are currently 8 Episodes available with around more than 11 stages for each one available.

There are currently 8 Episodes available in Alchemy Stars
There are currently 8 Episodes available in Alchemy Stars

If you are aiming to back track specific episodes, you can click on the episode list from the upper right side of the positioning’s menu. You will know if you missed a star if you are missing some chapter rewards. You’ll want to make the most out of the items that you can attain, so you should clear them as much as you can.

Eventually, you’ll be unlocking other features of exploration as you complete specific stages in the game. You can check our Unlockables Guide for more information about what you can expect as you progress forward in Alchemy Stars.

This concludes our page for the game’ story mode features. We hope that this has helped you learn more about Astra. We also have other guides available through our main menu. If you have other questions or concerns, you can check our Answers Page and drop us a comment!

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