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You might be wondering if the story mode in Alchemy Stars is the only game mode available for you in order to conduct any battles. Aside from defeating different stages as well as gathering resources, perhaps you’ll want to play other types of modes as well. There are indeed some modes available for you in this game as well aside from the story, and one of them is the Secret Territory.

In this page, we’ll discuss what the Secret Territory is, how you can play through it, and the benefits that you can acquire from completing this game mode. If you want to take on battles that aren’t related to the story, then this game mode is for you.

What is the Secret Territory?

How to Unlock: Clear Stage 3-6

The Secret Territory is an exploration feature that you can unlock once you have completed chapter 3-6 in the game. It will be included in the menu where you can find positioning as well as resource. This mode will provide you with a map that you can lead your character to a series of different battles, and your goal is to reach the end and then move on to the next stage.

The Secret Territory has a time limit for exploration
The Secret Territory has a time limit for exploration

If you check the Secret Territory, you’ll find that there is an exploration limit where you are only given a number of days in order to explore. This means that you can only progress as much as you can within the time period given. Once the time is over, you’ll have to begin a new expedition.

When checking the map, you will find a branched path that you can guide your characters into. There are different types of icons shown, and they can determine the difficulty of opponents that you will face. Whenever battling at the secret territory, each Aurorian’s HP will be counted individually.

Clear stages to get Text Fragments
Clear stages to get Text Fragments

Your mission is to clear a battle and reach the end. It’s up to your decision if you wish to clear all stages, or if you want to reach the boss as fast as possible. Since the dungeons here have a time limit, you are able to play in Auto Mode immediately. Clearing a fight will let you choose buffs called Relics, and they can provide a variety of effects.

Completing a stage will provide you with rewards called Text Fragments. You can consider this as a currency that you’ll be using later on. Depending on how much text fragments that you have, you’ll be able to exchange them for a variety of items.

Secret Territory Requirements

You might be wondering if you’ll be using stamina in order to conduct battles. In the game’s story mode, you use Prisms as Stamina, and they take time to acquire. Thankfully, the Secret Territory uses its own system of stamina called MS. This can be acquired through the Colossus, and it’s generated over time.

The Secret Territory uses MS during battle
The Secret Territory uses MS during battle

Since the secret territory has a time limit, you’ll want to finish your MS as part of your daily routine and clear as much secret territory stages as possible. MS is deducted during battle every few rounds so you will want to finish a stage as fast as you can, and you won’t be able to progress further if you run out of it. There are special areas in the secret territory that have green icons as well that let you recover MS just in case you run out.

The Secret Store

When checking the store of the game, there are different tabs available that you can check through. One of them is the Secret Store, and you can access this through a shortcut through the Secret Territory as well. The Secret Story has a variety of items that you can get from Star Flares, Recharger Packs, Gifts, as well as different materials for making your character stronger.

The Secret Store gets refreshed after the timer ends
The Secret Store gets refreshed after the timer ends

The Secret Store gets refreshed every now and then based on the timer that’s shown, so you will want to purchase a lot of their good stock. This is a good place for you to get décor for the Colossus in order to improve mood, as well as get very good gifts that provide high affinity points.

This concludes our page regarding the Secret Territory in Alchemy Stars, we hope that you have learned more about its basics as well as the benefits that you are able to acquire. Getting items such as materials and décor is needed in order to improve your relationship with your Aurorians.

We also have other guides available through our main menu. If you have other questions or concerns, you can check our Answers Page and ask there. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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