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There are different game modes available in Alchemy Stars that can challenge you in terms of completing battles. Since the game is a strategic RPG after all, you will want to try out different tasks that are possible. You might be wondering if most battles happen in the game’s story, or if there are others as well.

Extra Chapters are stages that you can complete in order to gain more Lumamber and Star Flares. They provide you with an extra bit of story to the lives of Aurorians in Alchemy Stars. In this page, we’ll provide you with the basics of what these chapters can provide to you.

What are Extra Chapters?

How to Unlock: Clear Stage 3-13

Extra Chapters are challenges that you can unlock as part of the game’s exploration features. As the name implies, they provide you with extra chapters in the game’s episodic story by providing you with a variety of stages that you can complete in order to learn more about the world of Astra.

Alchemy Stars Extra Chapters

Alchemy Stars Extra Chapters

Each extra chapter has a total of 6 stages each, and they’re divided into a jigsaw like puzzle. You will have to complete each stage in order from 1 to 6 in order to obtain your rewards. Thankfully, Extra Chapter challenges do not require stamina in order for you to complete them, they are stages that you can finish in order to get freebies.

Complete 6 stages for each Extra Chapter

Complete 6 stages for each Extra Chapter

Similar to regular stages, there are 3-Star conditions that are available where you can obtain some stars. You will want to finish the stage with a 3-Star rating as much as possible in order to maximize the rewards that you can obtain. Completing these challenges are a good way for you to get Lumamber and Star Flares.

There are some chapters in this game mode that will require you to use specific Aurorians. Since it’s a challenge mode, you will have to work with what you have in order to complete the stage and clear the next one. As of the moment, there aren’t much extra chapters, but there can be more added in the future.

Extra Chapter Rewards

Similar to the main story, you are able to acquire stars in order to get chapter rewards. If you are able to complete the star requirements, you can get extra Lumamber and even Star Flares that can help you out with summoning.

Complete all 3-Star conditions to maximize chapter rewards

Complete all 3-Star conditions to maximize chapter rewards

As much as possible, you will want to complete all the 3-Star conditions of each stage in order to fully complete the rewards that you get in the Extra Chapter mode. The Lumamber and Star Flares that you get can be saved for later use, especially if new banners appear.

Hopefully there will be more extra chapters added in the future in order for you to get more rewards. This concludes our page regarding the Extra Chapter feature in the game’s exploration, the rewards that you can get here can be worth it, so try completing them!

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