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Alchemy Stars is a strategic roleplaying game featuring a diverse cast of characters that you can recruit. You might be wondering which units are viable, or perhaps you’ll want to get to know more about the potential of strong units. With different star ratings in the game, one of the best recruits that you can get are 6-Star characters.

There are four main elemental attributes that are available in Alchemy Stars. You can have attributes for Forest, Fire, Thunder, and Water. These have different 6-Star units that you can choose from. In this page, we’ll be checking more about the Thunder attribute character named Requiem.

Here, we’ll be checking out Requiem’s profile, skills, equipment, and breakthrough bonuses. We hope that this page will help you out learn more about this character in case you will try to get them in your team. Let’s check what’s in store upon acquiring this character.



Primary Attribute
Secondary Attribute

Note: You might notice that the profile describes a secondary attribute. Whenever you recruit an Aurorian for the first time, you’ll be able to view their primary attributes only. The secondary attribute is only acquired once you have obtained the max level of Ascension. Legendary Aurorians come with their max ascension level however. We also didn’t include their Atk, Def, and HP since the values can change over time depending on the game updates.

In Alchemy Stars, Requiem is a Thunder unit with a Detonator role and is one of the Legendary Aurorians. They come with their max ascension level and the skills that you’ll be able to obtain will let you attack enemies from a certain range which will help you out in clearing the stage. Legendary Aurorians can be obtained through the Old Seal which is unlocked after you have completed Chapter 7-14.


Active Skill
Costs 10 Vis and clears the remaining Vis to deal 150% damage to all enemies. The damage increases by +15% for every 1 Vis cleared.
Skill Cooldown
10 Vis
Chain Combo (4 tiles)
Deals 160% damage to 12 tiles in a diamond shape. If damage is dealt, launches 1 lightning strike at the farthest enemy, dealing the same amount of damage again.
Chain Combo (9 tiles)
Deals 175% damage to 16 tiles in a radial shape. If damage is dealt, launches 1 lightning strike at the farthest enemy, dealing the same amount of damage again.
Chain Combo (12 tiles)
Deals 180% damage to 2 surrounding clusters. If damage is dealt, launches 1 lightning strike at the farthest enemy, dealing the same amount of damage again.

Upon checking the skills of Requiem, you will notice that there’s a new requirement in terms of using her actives. Similar to other legendary Aurorians, you will need to generate Vis in order to use her active skill. Requiem is a very offense oriented, therefore she doesn’t generate Vis with her chain combos. You will need her equipment skill in order to start generating.

Her chain combos let you deal high damage to clusters and radial shapes. Not only does she have a good damage modifier, but she can deal an extra hit to your enemy that’s the farthest. This provides you with more coverage and helps you clear up the map faster.


Equipment Skill
Gains 5 Vis at the start of every round. Normal attacks have a 30% chance to release 1 lightning strike to hit the farthest enemy.

Requiem’s equipment skill is very important since it lets you obtain the Vis that you need in order for you to use your actives. Another good addition is for the improvement of her normal attacks since it can let her deal lightning strikes by chance. If you are able to strike enemies multiple times with normal attacks, then it’s possible to get more lightning.

When combining all of her skills combined, you’ll want to have as much yellow tiles as possible for your path. Not only does this maximize her chain combos, but she can strike more if enemies are on her path. Having a converter such as Irridon will help maximize your damage potential.

Breakthrough Bonuses

Breakthrough 1
HP increased by 300.
Breakthrough 2
DEF increased by 40.
Breakthrough 3
Equipment Skill Enhancement: When an Active Skill kills 1 enemy, gains 2 Vis.
Breakthrough 4
Increased by 300+5% Basic max HP.
Breakthrough 5
Increased by 40+5% Basic DEF.
Breakthrough 6
Active Skill Enhancement: For every 1 Vis cleared, this damage ignores 1% of the target's DEF.

Requiem’s breakthrough levels will help her use more actives often since it will improve her Vis generation. If you’re able to defeat enemies with your active skill, you’ll gain Vis which will help you use them again soon.

Not only do you get Vis generation, but you can gain benefits of ignoring your enemy def by a small percentage, this will help out in your damage dealing capabilities since Requiem will use Vis a lot.

We hope that this page has helped you learn more about Requiem in Alchemy Stars. We also have other pages regarding the other 6-Star units in this game, so please don’t forget to check them out. You can also check our Alchemy Stars Tier list to see which units can be useful when creating your team.

You can check our game’s guide menu as well to see more pages that we have in store for you. If you still have any other questions or concerns, head over to our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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