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Getting strong characters is a helpful way for you to clear the story in Alchemy Stars, and you will want to improve your team as much as you can in order to progress through the game. There are different ways that you can get stronger such as leveling up your characters through upgrades, or perhaps providing them with bonus levels through breakthroughs. One of the ways that you can make your character stronger is by letting them go through Ascension.

Welcome to our Ascension guide! In this page, we’ll be discussing what Ascension is and how to do it, and provide you with some tips on how to get the different materials required. There are a lot of benefits for ascension as well, so let’s check what’s in store when providing this to your character.

What is Ascension?

So, what is Ascension actually in Alchemy Stars? This is a system with your Aurorians where you can provide materials in order to increase a character’s ascension level. Majority of the characters that you receive in the game start at Ascension 0, and you can increase them to Ascension 1, Ascension 2, and Ascension 3 accordingly. Each level that you increase provides benefits to your character’s overall stats as well as other features such as their maximum level cap.

Ascension is a way for you to increase your character's level, stats, and unlock equipment skills

Ascension is a way for you to increase your character's level, stats, and unlock equipment skills

Ascension is a way to make your character stronger, and it’s one of your long-term goals. If you plan to maximize your character’s ascension, you will need to gather materials needed which can be quite limited. Therefore, if you are planning to ascend your character, you will want to do them on high rated units, or any character that you plan to use often.

How to Ascend your character

In order to ascend the character of your choice, open the Aurorian tab and choose your character. You should be able to find the Ascension tab at the bottom side of the screen along with other tabs that can improve your character. When checking the Ascension tab, you will notice that there are different requirements. Generally, in order to Ascend your character, you will need the following requirements fulfilled:

  • Max out your character’s current upgrade level

  • Complete set of Ascension Materials

  • Nightium currency

    Maxed out level, Ascension materials, and Nightium are required for Ascension

    Maxed out level, Ascension materials, and Nightium are required for Ascension

    Once you have provided the materials that are needed, you will have to press the Ascend button. This will then increase your character’s ascension level, and it will unlock a new level cap. Take note however, that you will start back at level 1 so you will need to upgrade them again to the max. You will then have to gather materials once more in order to unlock the next ascension level, and repeat this process until you reach Ascension 3.

  • How to farm Ascension materials

    In order to farm ascension materials, you will want to tap on the material that’s needed on the screen. This will provide you with a list of places you can go to in order to get ascension materials. Thankfully, there’s a button there that lets you go to the specific map in order for you to start farming.

    Play through the game's story to unlock different farming stages

    Play through the game's story to unlock different farming stages

    Here’s a guideline that you can follow in order to maximize your farming potential for Ascension materials:

  • Farm Ascension 1 – Ascension 2 materials from stages that have a “Regular” drop rate. These provide you with 100% materials for each completion. You should do this if you don’t have access to Ascension 3 material maps yet.

  • Farm Ascension 3 Materials once you have unlocked the required maps for them. They have a lower drop rate, but their maps can also provide you with Ascension 1 and 2 materials on the side. You can also get crafting materials that are needed for Ascension 3. Once you have Ascension 3 material maps unlocked, try to avoid individually farming Ascension 1 and 2 materials since they will also drop from the Ascension 3 maps.

  • Clear stage 4-7 to unlock the Equipment Material stage from Resources. This will let you farm materials for upgrading your equipment, and they can also drop materials for ascension.

  • Ascension Benefits

    Once you have ascended a character, there are multiple benefits that you can acquire. Aside from upgrading their levels, ascending provides more bonuses in order to make them stronger. Increasing an ascension level will provide you with the following changes:

  • Increased level cap: Each ascension level will require you to upgrade it to its maximum cap before you can proceed to the next ascension. Once you reach ascension level 3, you will have a max character level of 80.

  • Increased stats: Your character’s attack, defense, and health will increase for every ascension level that you perform. This provides your character stronger stats during battle and it will help them with their survival as well.

  • Unlock Equipment Skill: Once you have Ascended your character to Ascension 1, you will be able to unlock the equipment skill. This provides you with a passive skill bonus with your equipment, and the equipment tab for your character will also be unlocked. Equipment can be strengthened further as well through this page.

    You will unlock new art for your character at Ascension 3

    You will unlock new art for your character at Ascension 3

    Once an Aurorian reaches Ascension level 3, you will also receive new art for your character. This change is just aesthetic, and it lets you know that you have maximized their ascension potential. Being able to farm the required ascension materials is one of the daily tasks you’ll need to do in order to become better in Alchemy Stars.

    We hope that our Ascension guide has helped you learn more about this system. You will eventually be able to make a strong team, and you can finish the game’s story content. With different characters available so far, you can have different combinations of ascended characters!

    We also have other guides available in Alchemy Stars, so please don’t forget to check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, you can check our Answers Page and submit one there. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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