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Alchemy Stars is a strategic roleplaying game featuring a diverse cast of characters that you can recruit. You might be wondering which units are viable, or perhaps you’ll want to get to know more about the potential of strong units. With different star ratings in the game, one of the best recruits that you can get are 6-Star characters.

There are four main elemental attributes that are available in Alchemy Stars. You can have attributes for Forest, Fire, Thunder, and Water. These have different 6-Star units that you can choose from. In this page, we’ll be checking more about the Water attribute character named Connolly.

Here, we’ll be checking out Connolly’s profile, skills, equipment, and breakthrough bonuses. We hope that this page will help you out learn more about this character in case you will try to get them in your team. Let’s check what’s in store upon acquiring this character.



Primary AttributeWater
Secondary AttributeForest

Note: You might notice that the profile describes a secondary attribute. Whenever you recruit an Aurorian for the first time, you’ll be able to view their primary attributes only. The secondary attribute is only acquired once you have obtained the max level of Ascension. Legendary Aurorians come with their max ascension level however. We also didn’t include their Atk, Def, and HP since the values can change over time depending on the game updates.

In Alchemy Stars, Connolly is a Water unit with a Sniper role. As such, the skills that you’ll be able to obtain will let you attack enemies from a certain range which will help you out in clearing the stage. She has strong burst damage for her active skill, and she’ll be able to provide bonuses for additional chain combo damage.


Active SkillDeals 400% damage to enemies within 3 surrounding clusters.
Skill Cooldown5 Rounds
Chain Combo (4 tiles)Deals 155% damage to 2 enemies within 3 surrounding clusters. +5% Chain Combo damage per mark on a target.
Chain Combo (9 tiles)Deals 160% damage to 3 enemies within 3 surrounding clusters. +5% Chain Combo damage per mark on a target.
Chain Combo (13 tiles)Deals 165% damage to 4 enemies within 3 surrounding clusters. +5% Chain Combo damage per mark on a target.

As a Sniper, Connolly has good skills that provide decent damage output. Her 400% damage modifier for her active skill is quite strong since it hits 3 clusters, take note though that you have 5 rounds for a cooldown for this.

If you’re not using her active skill, you’ll want to have as much water tiles as possible in order for her to do her chain combos which attack multiple enemies within 3 clusters as well. When combined with her equipment skill, she’ll be able to gain the Shiver mark which increases her damage further with chains.


Equipment SkillGains 1 stack of Shiver Mark when using a Chain Combo, up to 5 stacks. Each stack increases Active Skill damage by 20%. Using an Active Skill inflicts Fright on a number of enemies equivalent to the number of stacks for 1 round. Activating the Active Skill does not clear stacks.

Connolly’s offensive capabilities are improved once you have unlocked her equipment skill. With enough water tiles, you should be able to perform a chain combo and you can stack up to 5 Shiver Marks. When having this buff, you can make your active skill stronger by providing better damage modifiers.

You can also make enemies frightened which will cause them to move away for a bit so you won’t get damaged. However, this may or may not go into your favor since you won’t know where they’ll move to. Positioning yourself is important in this game, so having this random element might not be for everybody.

Breakthrough Bonuses

Breakthrough 1HP increased by 300.
Breakthrough 2DEF increased by 40.
Breakthrough 3Active Skill Enhancement: Reduces skill cooldown by 1 round.
Breakthrough 4Increased by 300+5% Basic max HP.
Breakthrough 5Increased by 40+5% Basic DEF.
Breakthrough 6Active Skill Enhancement: Skill is effective to all enemies.

Connolly’s offensive capabilities are improved once you have maximized her breakthrough levels. Not only do you get reduced cooldown, but once you fully enhance your active, you’ll be able to hit all enemies with your active skill. Initially, you only have the cluster’s range, but now you can hit all enemies regardless of range.

With a combination of good actives and chain combos, you’ll want to have a good water converter as well on your team. They can work hand in hand in order to maximize the potential damage that Connolly can provide in a battle.

We hope that this page has helped you learn more about Connolly in Alchemy Stars. We also have other pages regarding the other 6-Star units in this game, so please don’t forget to check them out. You can also check our Alchemy Stars Tier list to see which units can be useful when creating your team.

You can check our game’s guide menu as well to see more pages that we have in store for you. If you still have any other questions or concerns, head over to our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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