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In Alchemy Stars, you’re provided with a game menu that has a very clean UI. Things are easy to navigate, so you might have done some exploring in order to see what the game has to offer. You might have explored the game’s store, and there are different items that are available for you to use.

One of the items you might see is the Star Crest, upon checking the description, you will notice that this is used for breakthroughs. However, which characters use them? In this page, we’ll provide you with information on how Star Crests work in Alchemy Stars.

What are Star Crests?

Star Crests are breakthrough materials for Legendary Aurorians. These are the members of the Silent Hunters, and they have Star Crests instead of Solambers. If you check a regular breakthrough for other Aurorians, you will notice that you use Hearstone and Solambers instead.

Alchemy Stars Star Crest
Alchemy Stars Star Crest

Solambers are materials that you get for recruiting a duplicate character. However, the Legendary Aurorians cannot be recruited through banners, so they have a different method in terms of getting their breakthrough materials. Instead, you will need a Star Crest in order to make them stronger.

You might be wondering who these legendary Aurorians are. Well, once you complete 7-14 in the game’s story, you will unlock the Old Seal feature of the game. This will let you recruit one of the legendary Aurorians. They are 6-Star units, and they are known as the Silent Hunters.

The Legendary Aurorians are also known as the Silent Hunters
The Legendary Aurorians are also known as the Silent Hunters

You can check them through Illustra > Personel Intel > Independent > Silent Hunters. Once you are able to recruit them, they have maxed out ascension which is quite powerful. Only one Silent Hunter can be recruited, and you have the following choices available:

  • Mythos (Forest)

  • Frostfire (Fire)

  • Requiem (Thunder)

  • Regal (Water)

  • Where to get Star Crests

    Star Crests can be obtained through the game’s store. You can find them under Redeem tab and checking the Star Store tab. They cost 100 Star Gems, and you’ll be able to purchase them twice. Take note that Star Gems are obtained from getting duplicate characters for 5-Star and 6-Star units, so it can take a while for you to get the Star Crest as well.

    Check the Redeem section of the Store
    Check the Redeem section of the Store

    Star Gems and Super Star Gems are currencies that are very scarce, so you might want to save them for important use only. Since the Legendary Aurorians are obtained at a later point in the game, hopefully you’ll have enough time to save up the Star Gems in order to get the Star Crest.

    How to use Star Crests

    Since the Silent Hunters are recruits that you can get through the Old Seal feature of the game, they cannot be obtained through banners. Whenever you get duplicate characters from recruiting, you get Solambers as part of the breakthrough materials for other Aurorians.

    Since the Silent Hunters are not recruitable, you will have to use the Star Crest instead as their breakthrough material. You will open their Aurorian page and choose breakthrough in order to use the Star Crests. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about Ascension anymore for them since they are maxed out.

    There are many ways for you to get stronger in Alchemy Stars, being able to get the Legendary Aurorians later on in the story can help you out, so maximizing their strengths with the Star Crests is a good way for you to take advantage of the materials that you have.

    We hope that our Star Crest guide has helped you out in Alchemy Stars. We have other pages as well in the game, so please don’t forget to check them out. You can head to our Answers Page as well if you have any other questions, you can also leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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