Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Chapter 1
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Guide

Chapter 1

This is our full walkthrough of chapter 1 scene in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery. We have every step detailed with images and codes which can be revealed if you need them.

Cordona Street 52

Chapter 1

Collect the ladder in the front yard.
Select the ladder in inventory and tap near the item on the roof above the door to place it. Tap here again to zoom in on the item (a mailbox) on the roof. Tab this mailbox to open it and collect a Black Key.
Select the key and tap the door to open it, then again to enter

Tap the couch on the wall and to move it forwards and then rotate the view to see behind it. there is an arrow code. Left Up Down LeftShow
Rotate the view to see the 2 low cabinets. Tap to zoom in and use the code on the 4 handles on the right cabinet to match the pattern so that the cupboard below opens. Collect a Red key.
Under the table is a blue book. Tap to collect it.

Use the red key to open the closed door and move to the next room.
Collect a blue book from the bed
Tap on the washing basket by the wall to zoom in and tap it again to move it and collect a red book
Tap the cupboard to open it and collect another red book.
Rotate the view to see the other side of the bed and collect the TV remote from the floor.
Rotate the view to see the TV screen.
Use the remote to turn on the TV to view 6 squares
Rotate the view to see the light switch by the door and tap it to turn off the lights.
Rotate the view back towards the TV to reveal 6 symbols on the draws below.
Tap on the draw unit to start opening the draws. every time you tap a draw will open in a sequence. use this code of symbols to input on the TV.
Z, Circle, Triangle, Lines, + Square.Show

Tap to set the correct code and an image is revealed on the TV.
Tap the image to change it until you view a picture of the 2 book cases with an arrangement of books.
Chapter 1

Return to the previous room and tap on the book cases.
Use the books you have collected to add to each (blue on the left, red on the right) so that each row has the same number of books.
Now tap each row to arrange the books as in the image.
Another door will open.

Chapter 1

Corridor with paintings. Rotate the view to find another picture on the floor. Tap to collect it.
Rotate the view back and use the 5th picture to place it on the wall. It will be crooked.
Tapping the pictures adjusts them but also moves other. Keep tapping until the are all straight and then a secret door will open.

Tap to enter a basement room. tap the single red dot that you can see to tun on the lights. The room is flooded.
Tap the red valve wheel to turn off the water.
Tap the picture on the wall to collect the map and reveal a combination safe.
Rotate the view to see a work table and tool rack. Tap the photo on the table to read the date 19.01.85
Use the year 1985Show on the combination safe to open it and collect a Blue Key - a bank deposit box key.
Return to your car to complete this scene and move on.

Read on for details to complete Chapter 2. If you have any questions for the game check out the Answers Page to ask it there.

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