Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Chapter 2
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Guide

Chapter 2

This is our full walkthrough of chapter 2 in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery. We have every step detailed with images and codes which can be revealed if you need them.

Chapter 2


Rotate the view to the far side of the building to view a Dumpster and broken fire escape.
Tap the dumpster several ties to move it under the fire escape, then tap some more to close both lids so that you can climb on it. You now have access to the roof.
Chapter 2

On the roof tap on the 3 pallets in the lower right and tap them again to move them and find a 'device Part' to collect.
Tap on the small table and seats to zoom in and collect another 'device Part'.
Tap on the grey air con vents on the back left of the roof to find a third 'device Part'.
Rotate the view to the back of the door block to find a Crowbar on top of the duct.
Tap the green unit next to the door to zoom in and use the crowbar to open it.

Inside is a puzzle to solve with 3 missing parts. Use the 3 parts collected above to place into the missing slots then rotate the pieces to line up and connect the orange lines with no breaks.
Chapter 2

The door will have opened, you can now enter the 3rd floor.

Take the stairs to move down to the 2nd floor and then the 1st Floor. There is a clock on the wall that is showing the 'Wrong time'. Make a note of the position of the hands.
Go back to the second floor and rotate the view to see a large clock with the words 'Time is Money'.
Tap this and tap each hand to set the same position as on the clock downstairs.
Chapter 2

A door opens and you can now access an office room. In the room tap the grey table to collect a key 'WC key'.
Rotate the view in the room to view the computer screen to see a moving '3' shape.
Rotate the room view to see the 2 book cases on the wall. Tap to zoom in
Tap the items on the right book case to move them to match the positions of the items on the left one.
Move the lower files. collect the middle file and place it on the top, tap the bust to rotate it.Show
A secret safe will be revealed. Zoom in and collect the screwdriver stuck in the panel.

Return to the second floor and use the WC key to unlock the WC door.
Tap on the small vent at the far end and use the screwdriver to open it. Collect a Yellow Key.
rotate the view to see the toilet and a picture on the partition wall next to it. Tap this picture top open a panel and find a water valve wheel.
Tap this wheel to open and turn on the water.
Rotate the view to the sink and zoom in. Turn on the hot water full and zoom out to view a clock face on the steamy mirror. Note the position of the hands.
Chapter 2

Return to the 2nd floor hall and tap on the large clock face again. Set the hands to the new position from the bathroom. This will reveal a code.
Chapter 2

You need to enter this code in the safe in the office room. However the keys are broken and give the wrong output. To enter the code correctly you must type 48936Show.
Open the safe and collect half a sheet of paper.
Before you leave this room take a not of the picture on the wall behind the desk. 5 pac-man ghosts in a sequence of colours.

Go down to the 1st floor and rotate the view to find a yellow door. Use the yellow key to open it.
Bank Vault
Zoom in on the coloured panel on the wall. There are 2 stages to solve this puzzles. First recall the colour sequence of the 5 pac man image above. (Light Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, GreenShow) Tap the coloured buttons in order to open a keypad panel.
Next use the torn paper to match up with the piece on the wall. You can then tap it to reveal a code pattern.
Chapter 2

The trick to solving this is the moving '3' clue from the computer screen above. merge the lines from each row of 3 to get a digit. The code is 0 5 3 9 2 6Show
Tap this into the keypad to open the bank vault door.

The vault contains money and gold (that you cannot take) and many Deposit Boxes. Tap the boxes at the far end to find box 1302 and use the key to open it.Inside is a cheque to Piter Stone for $50,000 from A. Filch of Redcliff church. A new clue.
Chapter 2

Read on to view Chapter 3 to investigate the church. If you have any questions please check the Answers Page.

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