Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Chapter 12
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Guide

Chapter 12

This is our full walkthrough of chapter 12 in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery. We have every step detailed with images and codes which can be revealed if you need them.

Cultural Education

"You have arrived at one of the places shown by the crystal It turned out to be Redcliff Museum..."
Chapter 12

Tap on the front of the building to view the entrance and then tap a door to go in.
Chapter 12

In the lobby is a reception desk, to the left is Exhibition hall 1, to the right is exhibition hall 2 and at the back is a locked door to an office.

Chapter 12

Enter Exhibition Hall 1 and move through the exhibit of Russian Art. Move past the Russian dolls in to the room of Viktor Vasnetsov. Then through to the room of Ivan Shiskin, then to the next room of Nicholas Roerich. In this room is a cleaning trolley.
Chapter 12

Tap on the trolley to view it and collect a key from the top.
Chapter 12

Now go back to the Lobby and then through the order doors to Exhibition Hall 2. In the back wall is a Toilet door which says out of order. Use the key to open it.
Chapter 12

Enter the ladies room and then tap on the 4th stall door to open it and collect a notepad from a bag hanging. The pages of the notepad seem to be blank.
Chapter 12

Return again now to the lobby and rotate the view to see the computer screen on the desk.

Tap the left area of the desk to view it and then open the top drawer on the right. There is a paper inside with some numbers written on it. You can try to access the locked computer by tapping the screen to put in a password. However you will just end up with a BSOD.

Back up and now tap the desk on the right. Tap the mug to see a message about a pen with invisible ink.
Chapter 12

Tap the lamp to turn it on and see that is gives a strange colour light. Select the notepad in the inventory and place it on the desk. then tap it to view. Tap to turn the pages until you find a 6 digit code.
Chapter 12

Tap the computer keyboard to view Lucy's screen and then tap it to enter the passcode. 427518Show

Read the mail message on the computer for a clue about the park.

Exit the museum and move across the road to the park.
Chapter 12

In the park is a table with a briefcase and paper. Tap to view the case (we cannot open it yet) but you can collect it. Read the note on the paper with a clue about a Favourite Painting.

Return to the museum and the Russian Art exhibition. Look through the rooms to find a painting that matches the description in the note.
Solution: The Ninth Wave - Ivan Aivazovsky
Use this clue to open the briefcase
Code: 1850

Chapter 12

From the briefcase take out all the items and collect a key card from underneath. Tap to view the painting and then tap again to view a secret code / symbols on the back.
Chapter 12

Return again to the museum lobby area and tap on the office door at the back for the Director / Manager.
Use the key card to open it.

You are now in a corridor leading to a recreational area and some offices.

Chapter 12

On one wall is a banner for the Employee of the Month. The top photo here is of Katrin.
On the opposite wall is a calendar of sorts. With the year 2019 and the date '2' highlighted. We do not know the month.
Chapter 12

In the back room first glass office door on the right. There are 3 desks. Each has a name on the computer screen. Tap to view Martin's desk (with drink cans on it). and then open the drawer on the right to find a notebook with a code for the 3D printer.

Move into the other glass fronted office. This also has 3 desks and a 3D printer in the corner. Tap to view the printer and then enter the code found above. Select 'Print' and then collect the green key that it produces.
Chapter 12

Next move back to the other glass fronted office and to the desk that belongs to 'Ashley'. Use the green printed key to open the top drawer and collect a 'Flash card' memory stick.

Exit the glass fronted offices and move to the door on the opposite wall with 'Director' above it. There is a keypad on the right of the door. This requires a pattern of shapes to open it.
Hint: A pattern was found above.Show
Solution: Pattern fro the back of the painting in the briefcase.Show
Code: Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Enter the directors office. On the wall is a large bookcase with a lot of general items on it, each has a number. This is a clue to a code for the computer.
Chapter 12

Check the briefcase that is in your inventory and tap the items to take them out. Remember the items and then match them with the numbered items on the shelf.
Calculator - 8
Floppy Disk - 1
Pills - 2
Scissors - 0
Sticky notes - 3
Diploma - 3
Each item is on a different shelf. Notice another clue is a white arrow on the side of the bookshelf pointing upwards. Put the numbers in order from the bottom shelf to the top.

Move to the desk and tap on the computer screen. First collect the paper from the desk with a grid of days titled 'Open the safe'.
Chapter 12

Next tap the computer screen and unlock it with the code: 031283Show

Read the mail to find a clue to everyone's passwords.
Tap the option to open the safe.

On the desk there is now a secret compartment open on the left. Collect a green access card from here.

On the right of the desk tap to view another clue. This is a pill container. Open it to see that there is one pill left from Sunday.

Exit the directors office and now move into the other glass fronted room opposite the 2 glass fronted offices. In here is a table tennis table set up with drinks and pizza.
Chapter 12

On the other wall is a note showing that it is Katrin's Birthday and a table of presents and a cake.

The cake tells us that Katrin is 37 today (or the day of the event). Tap to move the presents until you find a red key under them. Collect this.

Exit this office and return to the glass fronted office with the 3D printer. Move to the desk with the flower vase that belongs to Katrin. Enter her password to unlock the computer.
Hint: the password is her date of birth (DDMMYY), Her birthday is the day that the office was having the party. There are clues to this day above.Show
Solution: The calendar shows it is the 2 day of a month in 2016. The pill box show it is a Sunday. The only Sunday the 2nd in 2019 was June 2nd. The year is 2019 minus the 37 years of her age.Show
Code: 02061982Show

Read the mail to see information about printing tickets. And the location of printer paper. Use the memory stick on the PC on the left then tap the 'DOWNLOAD' option to put the ticket file on the memory stick. Collect this.
Chapter 12

Exit the room. At the back of the common area is a door with a red handle, Use the red key to unlock this and go in. To one side is a printer on a table. On the back wall is a shelf full of pigeon holes and 4 red power switches. View the power switches and tun on the 'second floor' power.
Chapter 12

Next view the pigeon holes. These are in a grid which match a clue above.
Chapter 12

Rotate the view of the room to see the safe on the floor opposite the printer. View this and open it with the code.
Hint. The paper titled, open the safe from the directors desk will tell you how to get the code from the pigeon holes.Show
Solution: The day was Sunday. The paper tells us that Sunday = the third row down.Show
Code: Dot, lines, X, Square, Inverted Triangle, CircleShow

Open the safe and collect from printer paper.
Rotate the view to the printer and use the paper on it to fill it. Then use the memory stick to add it. You can now print and collect a ticket.

You should now exit the offices area and go back to the lobby. Move into exhibition hall 2 and then through the double doors to the stairwell.Go up the stairs to the second floor to find 4 more exhibits.
Chapter 12

You need to find and scan your ticket in 3 'games' in three of the exhibit rooms.

Enter 'The dawn of piracy'.
Rotate the view to see the weapons cases and view the poster of Captain Jack Sparrow.
Rotate the view to see the closed double doors and 3 nooses above. Tap these to move their positions to match the clue above. When they do the door will open.
Chapter 12

Enter the next room and use the ticket to start the pirate game. You do not have to reach a certain score just try the game.
Chapter 12

Enter Golden fever.
In the corner is a piano and a table with cards on it. the cards are:
3 Clubs, 7 Diamonds, 4 hearts, 2 spades.
Chapter 12

Looking around the room there are clues for an order (heart on the piano, club on the back of the rail track fence, spade on the back of the safe.
Open the safe: Use the cards and the order given by the clues to get the safe code.
Code: 4723Show
Collect a Key Use the key on the door at the back of the room to find the Duel game. Scan your ticket and try the game. If you find that the game is impossible to win tap the settings icon on the game screen and see if the difficulty is set to 'insane'.

Enter World war 2.
Tap to open all 4 window shutters. This opens the small game room. Enter here and scan your ticket. This game is 'temporarily unavailable' though.
Chapter 12

Once you have scanned your ticket in all three games enter the final exhibit room.

Redcliff Treasure.
Chapter 12

Tap on the display in the dark room to see the symbol from the church in an earlier chapter and displayed around the museum. If you have completed all the above rooms then there will be 3 green shapes at the bottom.
Chapter 12

Tap the screen to activate a plinth in the center of the room. There is an item in a glass case on top.
Chapter 12

Use the hammer to break the case open then tap to collect and examine the item inside. There is a note on the bottom. It is a copy made with a 3D printer.
Chapter 12

We now need to go back downstairs to the offices with the 3D printer in it. View the printer and enter the model code from the item found above.
FG 567325
This gives us some information. Artifact was made by David. ID 115578

Chapter 12

Move to the other office to find David's desk. It has the blue chair.
Unlock the computer with the code above.

Read the mail for information on the real artifact and a password for the container.
"David the car has arrived. Please replace the artifact and hand it over to the grid cell delivery service."
Password: 911556

While you are in the glass fronted offices tap the blinds at the window to close them, do this in both of the 2 offices. Then exit back to the common are and look at the glass windows of the offices to see the hidden code on the blinds.

Chapter 12

Tap on the final closed door at the back of the common area. View the keypad and use the code from the blinds to open the door.
Code: Square, Circle, Triangle, Dot, Inverted triangle.Show

This takes you to a dark loading area with a truck parked in it.
Chapter 12

Tap on the back of the truck and then use the green access card top open it.

Inside is a large container. Tap this to view the keypad and use the passcode found above to open it.
Chapter 12

Now we finally have the artifact we can return to the car and complete the chapter to move on to the next location in the upcoming Chapter 13.
Chapter 12

If you have any questions for this chapter or any others please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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