Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Updates and release schedule
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Guide

Updates and release schedule

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Tiny Rooms Stories: Town Mystery has been released as a free game for Season 1 containing 6 chapters. Additional chapters are part of paid add ons. Season 2 has now been fully released with 5 more chapters and Season 3 is in development with 4 chapters out so far and the final chapter expected soon. You can check the list and the scheduled dates shown below.

Season 2

Chapter 7 - August 2019 - Out now
Chapter 8 - September 2019 - Out now
Chapter 9 - October 2019 - Out now
Chapter 10 - October 2019 - Out now
Chapter 11 - December 2019 - Out now

Season 3

Chapter 12 - Feb/March 2020 - Out now
Chapter 13 - April 2020 - Out now
Chapter 14 - May/June 2020 - Out now
Chapter 15 - July 2020 - Out Now

All chapters are now complete for this game. But there is more promised. A second game or a continuation, we will wait to find out.

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