Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Walkthrough and Guide for Tiny Room Stories

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Guide

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Tiny Room stories is a new escape room style puzzles game with a unique perspective. Explore an abandoned city in search of your farther and all the other inhabitants in a series of 3d scenes that you can rotate and navigate to solve puzzles and find clues to continue your journey.

Walkthrough and Guide for Tiny Room Stories

This is a well presented and intriguing take on the puzzle and escape room genres of games. The game released 15 chapters spread over 3 seasons, and here you will find a complete guide to the game. As of the February 2021 update a lot of the existing chapters have been updated our guide will reflect these updates as soon as we get through the game one more time. Progress is being made, but currently some of the chapters may now have inaccurate data because of this update. In which case, please send in a question and we'll try to help.

If you have any trouble working your way through the levels we are compiling a guide to every scene in the game with updates as new chapters become available. If you have any questions Tiny Room Stories please check the Answers Page to ask it there.

Contains guides for all 15 chapters, and we will keep updating with new chapters as they are released. Please book mark this page so you know where to come for the latest puzzle updates for Tiny Rooms.

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