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Chapter 15 - Part 2

Chapter 15 - Part 2
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Guide

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After chapter 14, the final part of season 3 Chapter 15 is the final part of the story and conclusion to the mystery of Red Cliff. This is a guide to Part 2 whichb takes place at Redcliff Military Base.

Read below for a full description with hints and solutions, or you can also watch the video walkthrough.
Chapter 15 Part 2 Walkthrough

Chapter XV - Part 2

"The navigator in the car led you to the Redcliff military base."
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Rotate to this view and tap on the small guard house next to the gate to view it and the tower.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Tap the ladder to enter the tower and collect the Night Vision goggles.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Go back down, then tap to enter the guard house.
Rotate and view the desk.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Tap the plant pot on the right to move it and find a key (WC).

Exit the hut and no tap on one of the yellow paths with arrows from the parking area. This will take you to the next area with a medical tent and other tents.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Tap to enter the medical tent.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

View the desk and collect the access card.

To the left of the doorway is a white notice board. View this and collect the 2 papers on it. These are clues.
The torn paper mentioned looking through trash.

Enter the large white tent, this is a canteen area. Rotate the view to see the kitchen area and the cupboards. Open the lower doors to see a small clue in the left one. The 3 symbols, Spoon, Fork, Knife.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Tap to open the drawers above and see the cutlery. Count the items. There are also items on trays around the room.

Tap the large cabinet to find it locked with a 4 digit code needed.
Hint. Count the cutlery items in the room and put them in the order shown above.Show
Solution: 6 10 7Show

Open and collect the Rope

Behind the medical tent are 3 porta-loos. Tap to view these.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

The one on the left is locked, use the key found above to open it. Then tap inside to collect a Blue Key.

Back up and tap to the side to move into the next area. There is a large radio mast here above a bunker and a parked truck.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Then tap again to move in the same direction to the next area where you will find a shooting range.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Tap the center to view the positions and find a gun. Tap this to start a mini game. Try to hit 5 bullseyes to win the game. This is an optional challenge.

Move up the yellow path to the next area to find a Hangar building. Notice on the side there is an open window. Tap this to receive a message about finding a way to reach it.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Next to it are some bins with trash. View this an then tap to search and find more torn papers.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Re arrange these to form a target outline with numbers.
Chapter 15 - Part 2
Chapter 15 - Part 2Show

Return to the medical tent. Tap to view the 3 dummies standing. This is a clue.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

At the back of the room are 2 filing cabinets. You can view and count the number of files in the draws marked A B and C. a=3, b=4, c=2Show

For the locked drawer with 3 stars you need a 9 digit code. Use the clues above to find this.
Hint: There are body parts missing from the dummies. match these to the target to get numbers.Show
Solution: 69877891Show

Open the drawer to find Officers medical records (4). This is a clue.

Back up and return to the first area with the main building. Tap to view the front door and use the access card to open it. Then enter the building.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Go up the stairs to the upper floor.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Tap to move the cleaning cart to find a paper underneath. View this to find a clue about the Captains password.
Use this information top unlock the double door to the office.
Hint: You need the numbers of records for the soldiers under A C B and then the number of officers.Show
Solution: 3244Show

Enter the office and rotate the view to see the desk and computer. Tap the right drawers to open the top one and collect a Key.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Exit the building back into the parking area. Tap on the Humvee vehicle parked there. and use the Key found in the desk to open it. Enter the vehicle and use the key again to start it. This activated the screen.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Tap the Setting option and then the button to open the Trunk. Move to the truck and collect the gas Canister.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Now move to the area with the Hangar building and then tap the 3 gas tanks to the left.
Chapter 15 - Part 2
Use the gas canister on them to fill it.

Next move back to the area with the radio mast. View the left side of the truck. Tap to get in.

Tap the left visor to lower it and collect a Black Key.

Use the black key to try to start the truck. It is out of gas. Exit and use the gas canister on the orange gas tank to fill the truck.

Get back in and use the key. The truck will drive to park next to an open window in the hangar.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Use the Rope on the open window to let you climb up and enter the hangar.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Rotate the view to the doors and tap the button to open the one on the left. Then collect the red Valve.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

From the door on the right tap and collect a ladder.

Return to the main building and rotate the view to the back. to see a ladder to the roof that you cannot reach. Use the ladder you collected below it.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Now access the roof.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

On one of the solar panels open the tool box and collect the tools.

Go back down and enter the building.

At the back of the room is a door (below the stairs), this is locked. Use the blue key to open it. You can now go down to the basement.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

The basement is flooded and the power is on. Tap the power box on the wall by the stairs to turn it off then use the night vision goggles and tap the room to let you see and move around.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

In the far corner tap the broken pipes to view them, then use the valve to place and turn it to turn off the water. If the water does not drain you may need to move some of the boxes on the floor.

Tap to view the power box to the right of the pipes. Use the tools to fix the cables on the left. You can now turn the power back on on the wall.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Rotate to view the shelves on the back wall. Move the boxes to find and collect a torn page.

Go back up to the main floor and view the table by the exit doors.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Open the top right drawer and find a paper with clues for a code. This combines with the chart from the medical tent.

Go back to the tent area and tap the middle green tent to enter and find a desk. View this.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Tap and read the paper on the desk to find some details on encoding tasks.

Next tap under the end bed to find a yellow case.
Chapter 15 - Part 2
There are 5 dials on the lock. Open it with clues from above.
Hint: The chart from the medical tent has a sequence of circular shapes that match the dials. The paper from the main building tell you the order. Show
Solution. Left, Up, Down, Down, RightShow
Open the box and collect the satellite setup details.

Return to the radio mast area and tap to climb the ladder to the top.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Tap the small blue box to open it and view the dials. Use the satellite details found above to set the dials.
Hint: You need to view the dishes to find out which dial alters the angle for each dish, they are not in order.Show
Solution: 20 10 50 30Show

Once done go back down and return to the main building. Go up stairs to the office and view the desk.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Tap the name plate on the desk to spin it and see the name. Captain Richard Nixon.
Next check the Officers medical records to find the Captains page and get the ID number. 45863923Show

Use this number on the computer screen to unlock the computer.
First tap the OPEN button to the right, this unlocks a drawer. Then check the mail, the Inbox has an email with an image clue.
Chapter 15 - Part 2Show
Check the image on the wall to the left of the door to see a direction arrow. Clue.

Then tap and view the shelves to the right of the door to see the toy figures. From the clues above get a 4 digit code.
Chapter 15 - Part 2
Hint: the email tells you the value of each figurine. Check the order on the shelves following the pattern on the wall picture.Show
Code: 2713Show
In the lower left cupboard of the desk is a safe. Use this code to open the safe.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Collect encrypted access codes
Back up and view the book cases to the right. The lower right drawer is now open. View this and collect the CODER - 5000
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Back down stairs go to the bank of computers and tap the screen (DECODER - 5000). Use the access codes item above to activate the screen then you need an encoding key.
Chapter 15 - Part 2
Use the Coder - 5000 found above to get this.
Hint. The Encryption key can be found from the paper found in a tent above. We need to enter a code in the Code - 5000 unit that will result in an encrypted code of 11111111.Show
Solution: Set the Coder - 5000 dials to 11001011Show
Use this same code in the Decoder 5000, this will give you a decrypted code.

Next - return to the Hangar.

Rotate the view to let you see the gantry on the side wall and view the table with a radio and other equipment. Tap to view and collect the book from the table. this has button sequences for controlling the tank platform.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

View the book and then enter the code for 'Down' into the panel on the left. Then tap the joystick on the table to activate the move.
Code: Circle, Diamond, Circle, Square, Diamond, Square.Show

View the left front of the tank to see a control laptop. Enter the Decrypted code WELCOMEShow into the laptop. The tank is now active.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Return to the main building. Tap on the 3 computer screen to the right to see that the tank is connected. Enter the same code in the center screen. You can now start the tank.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

There will be a warning about the turret not turning but continue anyway.

Chapter 15 - Part 2
You now get an over head view of the tank. Use the controls to steer the tank to the bunker to the left of the hangar. Turn the tank to point at the bunker door.
Chapter 15 - Part 2

Fire the tank and destroy the door.
Then leave the building and tap on the bunker to complete this part of Chapter 15

Now move on to Chapter 15 - Part 3. If you have any questions about any of the chapters please head to the Answers Page and leave a review for the game on the review page.

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