Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Chapter 7 - Part 2
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Guide

Chapter 7 - Part 2

This is our full walkthrough of Chapter 7 - part 2 in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery. We have every step detailed with images and codes which can be revealed if you need them.

Chapter 7 - Part 2 - Gas Station

"After crossing of the river, you easily reached the gas station. All that remains is to find a canister and pour some gasoline in it."
Chapter 7 - Part 2

Tap on the front of the building to zoom in and then tap on the pay phones to the right of the door. Tap the left phone to open it and find some coins inside to collect.

Back up and tap on the snack machine on the left of the door. Use the coins in this to receive and collect a Remote Door opener. Back up and tap on the doors. Use the door opener to open then and tap to go inside.
Chapter 7 - Part 2

Tap on the Central shelf unit with items on. On the top right shelf tap to collect a shotgun cartridge. Back up and rotate the view so that you can see the back of the counter. Tap the counter to zoom in and find a shotgun on the shelf. Use the Cartridge on it so that you can collect the loaded shotgun.

While at the counter notice the computer/till which requires a password to unlock and also some papers on the counter top. Tap the papers to view several Reciepts.

Go out of the building and rotate the view to see a door at the back. Tap to zoom in and then use the shotgun to shoot the lock. You can now access the small back room. In this room are 2 locked items, a safe on the back wall and a cabinet by the boarded door back into the main shop. Tap the boarded door to open it so that you can access the shop easily.
Chapter 7 - Part 2

First look to the back wall at the safe on the shelves. There is a note to collect on it with a clue to the passcode.
Hint: The note has drawings of items that you can find in the shop. Remember that some items are cheaper on the discount display.Show
Solution: There are 5 items to find, be careful to match the patterns exactly, one of them is on the discount rack. Take the price of each to make a six digit code.Show
Code: 9 11 3 2 1Show
Open the safe to collect an access card.

Next go to the large cabinet in the back room. This also has a paper to collect with a clue for the passcode. N: 25.05.19Show You can combine this with another clue above to find the 6 digit code for this lock.
Hint: ReceiptsShow
Solution: Find the receipt in the pile on the counter that has the same date and find a 6 number code from it.Show
Code: 999112Show

Go out side to one of the gas pumps. Use the access card on it to activate it. Then use the gas canister on it to place that ready for fuel.

We now need to go back to the counter to the computer screen and unlock it. The screen has a note for 'Today's password' with an arrow pointing to the left.
Hint: Check the wall area that the arrow is pointing to to see a shelf of boxes.Show
Solution: There are 5 sets of boxes but they are of different size. Some are the same type but in different numbers. Taking the smallest, yellow, box as 1 height unit and comparing the relative sizes will give you a number for each in height units.Chapter 7 - Part 2

Code: 3 4 2 3 2Show
Once unlocked, if you have already placed the gas can as above then you can proceed to activate the pump and star the fuel.

Go back outside and tap the gas canister to collect it. Tap the bottom of the screen to return to the car then use the gas can on it to complete this part of Chapter 7. Move on to Chapter 7 - Part 3.

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