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Chapter 4
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Guide

Chapter 4

This is our full walkthrough of chapter 4 in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery. We have every step detailed with images and codes which can be revealed if you need them.


On this level you have access to the map you found in Chapter 3. You can tap it at any time to view it.
Chapter 4

On the wall in the first corridor you will find a memo letting you know that there will be riddles/puzzles required to access each room. Not too surprising really.

Tap the door mat in front of the door at the end of the corridor. Underneath is a Red key to collect. Use the key to unlock the door and pass through.

Move to the left to the Storeroom. This door is locked and has a 4 key pad sequence to open it. This is not too hard to figure out as each pad will remain lit when you tap in the right order. If you need help the code is:
Bottom Right, Top Left, Bottom Left, Top RightShow

In the room rotate the view to find 2 sets of shelves on the back wall with tool boxes on them. One of the boxes has Matches for you to collect. On another wall is a diagram with a pattern of squares on it. This is a puzzle. You must tap the arrow button to the side and below to change the squares that the arrow points to. The aim is to flip the squares so that they are all green. This may take some practice but isn't too hard. Once done you will be able to collect a Black Key

The key is for the Restroom, but you cannot get in via the lower door on the map as it is blocked. Move to the back corridor to the F2 position to find the other entrance. Use the key to open the door.
Inside you can move the furniture blocking the other door to give you access back to the other corridor.

In the room you can find a chess board on one table and a locked box with an 8 digit combination or letters and numbers. The clue to opening this is the chess board. You need to figure out the sequence of 4 moves that lead to the state of the pieces on the board. A knowledge of chess helps.
Chapter 4

UPDATE the game has been updated to include some chess instructions to help you on the paper on the table and a changed solution.
Hint: Note the positions that the pieces have moved to. Including one that has been taken. Show
If you have trouble the code is: D5 A4 A4 C3 - UPDATE: if you have the recently updated game version then the code is now: E4 H5 H5 F6Show
You can now collect a Blue Key
Rotate the view to find a table with 3 sheets of paper, each with a 3x3 squares pattern. Remember these.

Exit the restroom by the lower (previously blocked door to make your way to the Gas Supply room.
This room has a 3x3 keypad and a number 1 next to it.
Chapter 4

You will need to work out the pattern from the previous piece of paper with the number 1 on it. Once you get this the number will change to 3 and you need to solve it using the paper with 3 on it. The clue though is to look also at the paper with the number 2 on it.
How to work it out: The paper with 2 on it has the squares filled in for you by using the numbers on the top and side to determine how many squares in that column or row need to be filled. So if the row number is 1 then only 1 square in that row can be filled.
Solution 1:
0 1 1
0 1 0
0 1 0

Solution 3:
1 1 0
0 1 0
1 1 1

Enter the Gas Supply room and turn off each of the valves. Rotate the view to find a cupboard which you can open and collect a Valve Wheel.

Move along the corridor to the Power room. A gas leak is on fire here and blocking the door. Use the valve wheel to attach to the nearby pipe and tap it to turn off the gas. You can now enter the power room.
In the room is a control console that doesn't work and a code entry with 4 boxes or different colours.
On the left wall are 2 grey cabinets and rotating the view will show you 2 more grey cabinets. Opening each cabinet will reveal various items in each.

To proceed you need to enter a code to unlock the console. The solution for this is: Open each grey cabinet and count the number of items of each colour, there may be other items in them that do not match, ignore these. Ie count all the 'red' items and enter this number in the red box.Show
The code needed is: Red: 4, Blue: 5, Green 3, White 6Show

You can now adjust the power switch to turn off certain fans. Adjust the setting until Fan 2 (F2) is off.
Move to the back corridor, to the F2 position. You will see that the fan is not moving. Move along to the F3 position in the back corridor. It is dark but you can find a pallet on the floor.

Return to F2 and place the pallet in the water then tap the other floating pallet to move it in a line with the first so that you can make a bridge to the fan.
Tap on the fan to view and you will see a red handle for you to collect.

Return to the power room. On the other wall is a green locked cabinet with a blue key hole.
Use the blue key to unlock this. Inside are 3 power boxes, 2 are on and the third does not have a switch handle.
Use the handle you have collected to turn on the 3rd box.

You can now return to the back corridor but before you leave the power room make sure to set the console switch to C2 to turn off fan 4 and fan 5. You can now make your way along the back corridor to the end F4 position.
Tap Fan 4 to move though and exit the vent through fan 5 into a small room with several fans. In this room is another blocked door way that you need to find a way to break.

Rotate the view to see the door which you can now open and a table with a Yellow Yey to collect.

You can now exit this room and move up on the map to the small unnamed room near the gas supply room. Use the key to open the door. Inside are several gas tanks. All appear to be empty but rotate the view to find a red tank behind the large cylinder. Collect this.

Return to the small fan room and place the gas tank in front of the blocked doorway. Use the matches to light the cylinder. This will explode and let you exit the room through the hole.

You are now in a dark chamber and cannot see anything. You still have matches though. tap them and use them to light a small torch on the wall to the left.

Chapter 4

The room has a large door, 4 statues and a small table in the middle. The table has a book on it that you can view to see 4 images with names. There is also a compass puzzle dial with 4 rings that can be moved. You need to align each ring in the right place.
Solution: Each statue as a symbol below it and matches one of the figures in the book. The symbols also appear on the dials of the puzzle. Use the names to match the symbols to positions on the dial.Show
Ethel - East - Circle
Wiwas - West - Cross
Seth Willow - South West - Triangle
Erwin Notket - East North (north East) - Square
The dial though is upside down as it would have been viewed from the door. So you will need to reverse the positions, North is at the bottom and west is on the right.

You can now enter another dark rook. Use the matches again to light the fire in the center. In the room are some table with item on it that you can see but not take. Rotate the view to see a painting on the wall and tap this to view it as a clue to your next destination. A mountain.

On the wall with the closed door are 2 torch holders. Tap these to move them and open the door. You can now exit back into the church basement corridor and then tap to exit the church. It is raining. Tap your car to complete the chapter.
Chapter 4

Read on to view Chapter 5 to investigate the mountain. If you have any questions please check the Answers Page.

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