Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Guide

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This is our full walkthrough of chapter 3 in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery. We have every step detailed with images and codes which can be revealed if you need them

Read below for a full description with hints and solutions, or you can also watch the video walkthrough.

Chapter 3 Walkthrough

This guide page has been updated following an update to the game Feb 2021


Chapter 3

Rotate the view of the church to see a billboards sign at the back with a car on it. Note the phone number that is displayed.


(9131) 2523


Tap the front door of the church and tap again to go inside.

Chapter 3

The hall is dark. There is a light switch by the door at the back of the hall.

Tap the bookshelves on the left wall to view them and collect a candle.

Next tap to view the piano in the opposite corner and collect a second candle.

On the walls of the hall are hung 5 pictures with a symbol on each. You will need these for a safe combination so note them down. You will need to figure out the sequence.



Tap each of the pictures. One will have an arrow behind it to tell you that it is first and the direction to go.



Start with the + and move to the left anticlockwise round the room.

To the right of the double entrance door is a a lock box with the code entry. Use this code to open the box and collect a black key.

Next, Rotate the view to see the back wall and tap the door to the left side. Go through to the back room.

Chapter 3

To one side is a set of 6 drawers. Collect a third candle from the top right drawer. Then collect a 4th candle from the desk.

Next tap the screen of the computer on the desk, there is a code input option. Behind the desk is a picture of a car which is a clue to the code origin.


It is the number from the car billboard outside. The 4 digits are 2523.

First tap the controls Button and then on the image that appears tap Open.

Chapter 3

Next go back and use the Mail option. Then tap Print to get a print out of a clue from the printer.

Finally tap the book to the right for a clue about glowing ink.

To on the door that is under the stairs and open it. Inside is a store area. Tap the lamp to turn it on and then the small drawer unit to open it and collect another (fifth) candle.

Chapter 3

Next to the door to this store room is a chair, tap this to move it and collect another paper from underneath.

Return to the church hall and tap on the piano to view the keys. You need to tap the key in the right order shown in the paper clue above.

Chapter 3

Once done a secret door will open in the wall with the cross. Collect one more candle (6)

Chapter 3

Making sure that the light is off in the church hall (light switch is by the back door) tap on each of the books to see patterns on them (glowing ink). Find 4 patterns that match the 4 shapes on the dials below and then paying attention to the orientation of the books (some are upside down) tap the dials to align them in the same way.

Once done a panel opens and you can find a second black key.

Go back to the back room and tap the stairs to go up to the roof storage room. Rotate the view to see the shelves on the right side of the room from the door and tap the paper that is on the first shelf. This has a red cross.

Chapter 3

From a box on the top shelf collect a 7th candle.

Tap the candle holder in the center to view it.

Chapter 3

At the top are places to put the candles. Place the candles on the holders but only where the holder for each one drops down as you place it. If it does not then collect it again and move to the next. 4 go on the top and 3 on the bottom.

Once done you can open a small box below the holders and collect an old looking key.

Move through into the bell tower at the end to find the bell and rope. You will need to tap the rope several times to ring it and eventually it will fall through the floor.

Go back down to the back room and into the small cupboard under the stairs. Tap on the chest and use the old key to open it.

Chapter 3

From inside collect another paper with a green tick. Also collect a locked box.

You can view the box and look underneath. There is a clue to the code.



rectangles of different sizes.

Hint 2:


check the wall in the back room for 4 pictures with numbers of lines and matching shapes.




Open the box and collect a third black key

Next move to the church hall and find the bell now in front of the door. Look inside to find another paper. This will show a different pattern of lines. With a green tick.

In the church hall, tap on the pews to get an overhead view of them.

Chapter 3

Using the 4 papers (only 3 with a green tick though) Tap each pew to move them until they match the pattern on the ticked paper.


Chapter 3

Once done rotate the view so that you can see the bible on the lectern. Tap to view it and then tap to open it. Inside is a switch.

Chapter 3

Tap this and passage will open up.

Enter the passage and tap on the white wall box to view it. you will need to enter the 3 keys, then tap each to turn them.

Chapter 3

Go through the door to the catacombs.

On the left wall is a map to collect. Then collect the sledge hammer from the shelves.

Chapter 3

Use the sledge hammer on the blocked up doorway to the left. This completes Chapter 3.

Read on to view Chapter 4 to investigate the Underground. If you have any questions please check the Answers Page.

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