Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Chapter 3
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Guide

Chapter 3

This is our full walkthrough of chapter 3 in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery. We have every step detailed with images and codes which can be revealed if you need them


Chapter 3

Rotate the view of the church to see a billboards sign at the back with a car on it. Note the phone number that is displayed. (9131) 2523Show.

Tap the front door of the church and tap again to go inside. The hall is dark. There is a light switch by the door at the back of the hall.
Tap the bookshelves on the left wall to view them and notice there are several papers to examine with patterns of lines but all with Red crosses on them. You don't need these.

On the walls of the hall are hung 5 pictures with a symbol on each. You will need these for a safe combination so note them down. You will need to figure out the sequence to use them in which will be shown below.

Rotate the view to see the back wall and tap the door to the left side. Go through to the back room.
You can tap the couch to move it and find underneath a paper with some lines on it, and a red cross. You do not need this pattern though.

Tap the stairs to go up to the roof storage room. Rotate the view to see the shelves on the right side of the room from the door and tap the paper that is on the first shelf. This will show a different pattern of lines. With a green tick.
Chapter 3

Rotate the view to see the locked combination safe at the end of the room. Tap on this to enter the code. The code is 4 symbols from the picture in the hall as mentioned above. If you need help the solution is:
The symbols from left to right are an arrow (to the left), plus, diamond, rotated hash, and triangle, but the correct 4 item sequence is found by following the arrow and reading the other 4 from right to left.Show
Open the safe to collect a blue key.

Return to the church hall and tap on the pews to get an overhead view of them. Tap each pew to move them until they match the pattern on the ticked paper. When it is correct a passage will open up under the lectern.

Move to the back room again and rotate the view to see the screen of the computer on the desk, there is a 9 digit input option. Behind the desk is a picture of a car which is a clue to the code origin.
It is the number from the car billboard outside. The 4 digits are 2523.Show
Chapter 3

Tap the Mail option and then print, to print out a pattern sequence on the printer. Tap the paper to collect it.
Then tap the barrier control option to view a security camera and tap the Open option to open a wall cabinet downstairs.

Return to the hall and rotate the view to find a piano at the back of the room. Tap on this to view the keys and tap the paper at the top to view some keys images. There are 6 but none are marked. Close this and tap the paper that you collected from the inventory and tap the music paper again to open it, now with a key marked on each line. This is a sequence of notes that you need to play.
Chapter 3

Close the paper and play the notes in the order. You will get a green light appear for each one that is correct. Start again if you make a mistake.

A secret cupboard will open behind the cross. Tap on this to view a series of 4 dials. with some file boxes on the shelf above. To get a clue for the combination needed on the dials make sure that you turn off the light in the hall before viewing the dials. The boxes above will then have glowing patterns of dots on them.
Chapter 3

There are 6 patterns but the ones on the second box do not seem to help. Move the dials until they each resemble on of the other patterns and the box will open for you to collect a Red Key

The final key is in a locked combination safe by the main door of the hall. It is a 4 digit combination. The clue to this is the 4 pictures hanging in the back room with lines on them. The combination is 2413Show
Open it and retrieve the Black Key.

You can now go down to the passage under the lectern and place the 3 keys in the opened panel. Tap each one to turn it and the door will open for you to proceed.

Rotate the view to the opposite wall to collect a hammer and tap a map on the wall to view it. Behind the map is a blocked up doorway. Use the hammer to break it down. You have now completed chapter 3.
Chapter 3

Read on to view Chapter 4 to investigate the underground. If you have any questions please check the Answers Page.

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