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Mercenary Upgrade

Mercenary Upgrade
Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

Heroes War: Counterattack allows players to build their army by recruiting new characters (or Mercenaries as the game calls them) to bolster their ranks. You can upgrade your individual mercenaries through leveling up, upgrading their abilities, or through Superboosting. However, did you know that there’s a feature in the game where passive stat boosts are applied to all mercenaries in your army? In this page, we’ll discuss the Mercenary Power-up system and the benefits it brings to the table.

Not to be confused by the upgrade options available for your individual mercenaries, Mercenary Upgrade is a system/feature in Heroes War: Counterattack that allows you to provide passive stat boosts to mercenaries in your army. You’ll automatically unlock this feature by completing early story missions. You can access it by tapping the main menu button on the upper-right corner of the screen. You’ll earn Upgrade Points for every level that your mercenaries gain. So for example, if you have five LV10 mercenaries, you’ll get 50 upgrade points at your disposal and so on. The buffs you can get by regularly upgrading this system is not something you can just ignore. That’s why we strongly recommend checking out this feature as soon as you unlock it.
Mercenary Upgrade

In the next screen, you’ll start off with the Mercenaries Power-up Tab. This tab covers all mercenary types and will help boost their ATK, DEF, HP, and Battle EXP. You’ll need to upgrade this to LV15 to unlock the individual tabs for the different mercenary types in the game. The only catch for the individual mercenary upgrade tabs is that the stat boosts they provide will only apply to the mercenaries in your army that belong to that type. The affected characters will be displayed under the list of stats that will be boosted. As much as possible, you’ll want to upgrade the tab for the mercenary class that you have the most recruited.
Mercenary Upgrade

Once a mercenary type tab is upgraded to LV50, you can use upgrade points to Advanced Research, with additional stat boosts/buffs applied to the mercenaries of the same type. As an example, a Tanker-type mercenary gains additional DEF, Movement Range, and increased damage against Dealer-type mercenaries once you have the Advanced Research for Tankers enabled. This is a very important upgrade especially in the late-game where you have to squeeze every amount of buffs or improvements possible.
Mercenary Upgrade

You can reset the invested upgrade points back to zero by paying 50,000 gold. Thankfully, this amount doesn’t increase so use this option as you see fit. You may want to reset your upgrade points just in case you want to focus on investing your upgrade points to buff a specific class or simply stick with the standard Mercenaries tab that provides a boost to everyone.
Mercenary Upgrade

And that’s our in-depth guide for Heroes War: Counterattack’s Upgrade system. It’s not that complicated and the benefits you can rake for taking advantage of this feature can’t be ignored. Make sure to use it as soon as you unlock it and level-up your mercenaries whenever you can to save up upgrade points.

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