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Normal Equipment Guide

Normal Equipment Guide
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In Heroes War: Counterattack, aside from upgrading your mercenaries, you’ll also need to ensure that they are properly equipped to ensure that they’re battle-ready. There are different equipment slots and types in the game as well as corresponding equipment sets that enable stat bonuses, giving you a wide variety of options for your characters. There are two categories of equipment in the game: Normal and Exclusive. In this page, we will cover the various details regarding Normal equipment.

Equipment Labels

There are six normal equipment slots in the game: Weapons, Gloves, Armor, Shoes, Belts, and Rings. The type of main property granted by each part is different. Please use the image below as reference for the labels that you’ll see for each equipment piece:
Normal Equipment Guide

1. Mercenary who is currently wearing the equipment.
2. Equipment Set Icon and Effect: The icon on the upper-right corner of the equipment portrait represents the set it belongs to. The Set Effect is activated once a mercenary equips any of the required number of pieces (regardless of equipment type). Set Effects comes in either 2 Set or 4 Set variants; as the name implies, equipping 2 pieces of equipment of a 2 set can activate its effect. Using the example image below, you can see that the belt belongs to a Dash (4 Set) group. That means a character that has 4 pieces of equipment belonging to the same set will have a 25% boost in ATK Speed. Since you can only equip 6 equipment pieces, you can either have a 2-2-2 (3 pairs of 2-Set effects) or a 4-2 (1 4-set and 1 2-set) setup
3. Equipment Grade: An equipment grade ranges from 1 star to 5 stars. The higher the grade (stars), the higher the growth rate of the equipment’s main property and sub-properties.
4. Rarity: There are 5 rarity levels for equipment in the game, from lowest to highest rarity: Normal, Premium, Rare, Heroic, and Legendary. An equipment’s rarity determines the initial sub-properties granted to it.
5. Main Property: This is the base stat of the equipment and will be increased every time you power-up the equipment. This stat also significantly increases upon reaching power-up level 15.
6. Prefix Property: This fixed-value stat will only become available on some equipment and can’t be affected by powering-up the equipment.
7. Sub-property: These are additional stats available to an equipment depending on its Rarity. (Normal = 0, Premium = 1, Rare = 2, Heroic = 3, Legendary = 4) Everytime an equipment reaches levels 3, 6, 9, and 12, one of the two things may happen: one of their sub-properties will increase or a new random sub-property will be added.

Upgrading Equipment

Normal equipment can be upgraded using gold up to LV 15. To do this, go to your Mercenary tab and select the equipment you want to power-up. Next, you can either tap the Power-Up button to do a manual upgrade attempt or use the Consecutive option instead and set your target level. As mentioned above, the sub-properties of the equipment will either be improved or a new random sub-property will be added whenever the upgrade level reaches levels 3, 6, 9, and 12. When you select this option, the game will automatically and continuously attempt to power up the equipment until the set level is reached.

As the level goes up, the gold cost will increase as well. Take note that upgrading your equipment is not guaranteed, especially on the higher levels; upgrading can fail and if it does, your equipment’s level stays the same but you’ll lose the gold you spent for the upgrade attempt.
Normal Equipment Guide

Data Sheets

Here are some data sheets that you can use for reference if you’re into numbers. Basically, the higher the rarity and grade, the better. However, you can still settle with at least Rare or Heroic equipment until you’re able to get Legendary equipment.

Normal Equipment Guide
Normal Equipment Guide
Normal Equipment Guide
Normal Equipment Guide
Normal Equipment Guide

That concludes our in-depth guide for the Heroes War: Counterattack's normal equipment. Please do check out our other dedicated guides regarding equipment. You can also check out our other helpful guides for other topics related to the game.

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