Heroes War: Counterattack

Daily Training

Daily Training
Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

Heroes War: Counterattack has various modes for players to take part in, usually providing useful rewards. Daily Training is one of such contents in the game where you can farm EXP and Gold. In this page, we will discuss the importance of Daily Training and how it can help powering up your team in the long run.

Daily Training can be accessed from the lobby and has two parts: EXP Battlefield and Gold Battlefield. As their names imply, the former allows you to farm EXP boosters while the latter allows you to farm gold to increase your funds. Both battlefields can be cleared twice a day, and the counter/limit will be refreshed as part of the daily reset at midnight. It will also help adding the clearing of the two daily training tasks to your daily routine, especially if you’re playing regularly daily.
Daily Training
Daily Training

The boss for EXP Battlefield is Simon, which is immune to negative status effects and each attack deals reflected damage. The Gold Battlefield’s boss is Big Erbert, and takes damage every time you eliminate a minibot he summons every turn.
Daily Training
Daily Training

So that’s our short but straightforward guide about Heroes War: Counterattack’s Daily Training feature. Please check out our other dedicated pages and guides covering the other features and aspects of the game.

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