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In Heroes War: Counterattack, you’ll get access to a Crafting Facility, composed for 4 different buildings, capable of producing various items that you can use to power-up your army of mercenaries. In this page, we will discuss the basics and benefits of the game’s built-in crafting system.

Crafting is unlocked after clearing Chapter 4’s looting mission. Once unlocked, you can find the shortcut in the lobby/main screen, along the bottom-row buttons. In this option, you’ll have access to four facilities where you can manufacture upgrade materials and equipment. You’ll start off with 1 crafting slot but you’ll be able to expand the slots to 5 more.

Here the list of different crafting facilities featured in the game:
* Upgrade Laboratory: Allows you to craft EXP boosters using Compound Powder that you can obtain from the Refinery Shop or Croman Hunts.
* Equipment Factory: Craft general equipment using consumables/materials such as Equipment Designs, Modules, Steel, and Adamants. You can also select which equipment piece you’ll want to create.
* Gem Refinery: Craft Diamonds using Uncut Diamonds you can get from Croman Hunt.
* Conversion Station: Allows you to craft Ability Amplifiers by using your EXP Boosters or you can craft Cores using Battle Badges and Conversion Stones.

You can also upgrade each building, unlocking new craftable items, increasing their crafting limit, and reducing the crafting time needed. You’ll need building materials such as Lumber, Stone, and Glass Pane. These can be sourced from the in-game shops or story rewards. You can upgrade all facilities at once. It will take time to upgrade the facilities or you can spend diamonds to finish the upgrade instantly. The amount of time (or diamonds) needed to complete the upgrade process will increase as the facility’s level goes up.

That concludes our in-depth guide for the Heroes War: Counterattack’s crafting facilities. Please do check out our other dedicated guides covering other topics related to the game.

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