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Trace Specimens

Trace Specimens
Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

The mercenaries you can recruit in Heroes War: Counterattack will need access to a reliable source of general equipment to help increase their combat effectiveness on the field. A great and consistent source of farmable equipment comes in the form of Trace Specimens. These bosses can scale up in difficulty, and in turn, award successful combatants with general equipment. In this page, we will cover the basics of the Trace Specimens feature of the game.

How to Unlock

There are only two Trace Specimen bosses: Trivia and Isard. The former is unlocked after clearing Chapter 1 while the latter is unlocked after clearing Chapter 3. Once unlocked, these two bosses can be accessed from the game’s lobby. There’s no limit in fighting these bosses, as long as you have the energy.
Trace Specimens


Each boss has 11 levels of difficulty. Obviously, as you reach higher difficulties, the better the rewards will be. On top of the equipment (gear grade scales with difficulty), you can also collect diamonds, gold, EXP Boosters, Equipment Designs, and Adamants. Whenever you clear a level for the first time, you’ll get a diamond reward. Different equipment sets are dropped by these bosses. Please refer to the screenshot below for more information.
Trace Specimens


The strategy for defeating these bosses will change as the difficulty goes up. You can tap the Strategy Details on the right side of the boss’s model to view the detailed information about the boss’ attack patterns for that difficulty, as well as the percentage of the specific mercenaries used by other players in facing the boss at this difficulty. Use these provided information to determine your party’s arrangement, deployment, as well as equipment setup.
Trace Specimens
Trace Specimens

Croman Hunt

Special enemies called Cromans will appear at a fixed change when you’re clearing story or trace specimens. They can only be challenged for an hour once they shop up. Cromans take 1 damage only from all attacks so fighting them with mercenaries with multi-hit attacks will be the best course of action against these enemies. Upon defeat, you may obtain Combination Powders, and Uncut Diamonds.

So that’s our basic guide about Heroes War: Counterattack’s Trace Specimen bosses. Please check out our other dedicated pages and guides covering the other features and aspects of the game.

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