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Collection Effects

Collection Effects
Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

Heroes War: Counterattack allows players to build their army by recruiting new characters (or Mercenaries as the game calls them) to bolster their ranks. You can upgrade your individual mercenaries through leveling up, upgrading their abilities, superboosting, or applying passive stat boosts via the Mercenary Upgrade system. However, did you know that there’s a feature in the game where you can get additional stat buffs or beneficial effects by recruiting specific characters? In this page, we’ll discuss the Collection Effect system and how to take advantage of it.

The Collection Effect system in Heroes War: Counterattack allows players to trigger stat boosts or beneficial buffs by contracting specific characters that belong to an effect group. You can access this system by tapping the main menu button in the upper-right corner of the screen and tapping Collection Effect afterward.
Collection Effects

In the following screen, you’ll be able to see all available effect groups. You only need to recruit at least one character from an effect group to trigger the group’s effect. Once you have unlocked the effect(s), you can improve their effects/stat boosts further by leveling up the mercenaries belonging to the same effect group. The sum of the member mercenaries’ levels serve as the EXP point needed to level up the effects for that group. There are 13 effects in total and a single mercenary can trigger two effects if that particular mercenary is part of two effect groups. For example, recruiting Nadine will enable the “Faster than Ever!” group (ATK Speed Up) and “Many a little makes a mickle” (Gold Up in Battles).
Collection Effects

Here’s the list of all available effects in the game. You can sort these to display all effects or just the effects that you currently have enabled. Take note also that only the base stats of affected mercenaries will be boosted, without applying their equipment and card stats.

Collection Effect
Stat Boost/Buff
Req. Characters
Charge Forward!
ATK +x%
Trevor, Amy, Clara, Barbara, Rebecca
The Best Defense
DEF +x%
Cain, Iron, Anastasia, Anton, Regina
This is a Bulletproof Vest!
HP +x%
Maria, Darcia, Madeline, Miles, Ekon
Faster than ever!
ATK Speed up
Nadine, Raymond, Craig, Evelyn, Marisa
Everyone has their weak spot.
ATK +x% in Arena
Ziv, Bothwell, Tala, Bannon, Josephine
Dull Skin
DEF +x% in Arena
Popo, Christopher, Robin, Isaac, Cain
Feeling of Fullness
HP +x% in Arena
Irina, Hanakrul, Nakri, Robert, Siam
Attack faster than a blink of eye
ATK Speed Up in Arena
Farias, Ayla, Shaka, Lakshmi, Tarak
Big Size Refrigerator
Max Energy Up
Madeline, Cain, Murphy, Examina
A little faster clock.
Energy Recovery Up
Magnus, Chapman, Griselda, Scarlet
Rapid Growth
EXP Up in Battles
Raymond, Craig, Sonia, Cain
Many a little makes a mickle
Gold Up in Battles
Nadine, Evelyn, Agnes, Lucas
Penny Pincher
Gold Cost Down when powering-up EQ
Rosemary, Kairos

So far, the mercenary who’s part of the most groups is Cain. You can recruit him for free by clearing Union Stage 15-8. Cain is part of the groups listed below; simply recruiting him will activate these effect groups’ buffs and leveling him up will contribute towards all effect groups he’s part of. His evaluation isn’t that high but keeping him and leveling him up will help your army overall via Collection Effects.
* The Best Defense (DEF Up)
* Dull Skin (DEF Up in Arena)
* Big Size Refrigerator (Max Energy Up)
* Rapid Growth (EXP Up in Battles)
Collection Effects

That’s our guide for Collection Effects for Heroes War: Counterattack. This is one of the least noticeable features of the game with great beneficial effects for your party nevertheless. Please check out our other dedicated pages covering the other aspects of Heroes War: Counterattack.

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