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Exclusive Equipment

Exclusive Equipment
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In Heroes War: Counterattack, aside from upgrading your mercenaries, you’ll also need to ensure that they are properly equipped to ensure that they’re battle-ready. There are different equipment slots and types in the game as well as corresponding equipment sets that enable stat bonuses, giving you a wide variety of options for your characters. We have already covered Normal Equipment and the Equipment Change feature in the preceding pages, however, there’s another category of equipment that you need to be familiar about: Exclusive Equipment. In this page, we’ll discuss what are Exclusive Equipment, where you can get them, and why having them can make your life easier.

What are Exclusive Equipment

As the name suggests, these are equipment that can only be equipped on specific characters, practically making them their “owners”. Since these weapons are considered unique, their stats and skills are exceptional. Each exclusive weapon can be upgraded up to +5. The higher the grade and power-up level, the more power-up stones will be required. Exclusive Equipment comes in three different grades: Rare, Heroic, and Legendary.

You can obtain Exclusive Equipment by using Diamonds in the in-game shop or Crafting it (see below) However, the exclusive equipment you’ll get from the shop has some randomized factor in it since you can’t choose the exclusive equipment for mercenaries you own.
Exclusive Equipment

Exclusive Equipment Stats

Exclusive equipment has a basic property, exclusive property, and two set effects.
Exclusive Equipment

1. [Basic Property] The exclusive equipment will be randomly assigned with one of the three possible basic properties: ATK, DEF, or HP. This property’s value and the value boosted by a power-up will increase as the equipment grade gets higher.
2. [Exclusive Property] An exclusive property is added to exclusive equipment with Hero(ic) or Legendary grade.
* For Hero(ic) grade, the exclusive property will be one of the four random stats: ATK, DEF, HP, or PEN Rate.
* For Legendary grade, the exclusive property that will be added is a skill effect that will improve or boost one of the mercenary’s skills.
3. [Set Effect] Set Effects will be activated if the mercenary wears the other equipment pieces needed for the Set Effect activation, on top of the Exclusive Equipment. Furthermore, a second Set Effect will be added to the Exclusive Equipment upon reaching power-up level +5. However, identical set effects won’t be added (e.g. Endurance + Endurance).

Crafting Exclusive Equipment

Aside from spending diamonds on the Shop, you can also craft Exclusive Equipment from the Crafting Facility > Equipment Factory. However, the materials needed for crafting will come from disassembled Normal and Exclusive Equipment.
Exclusive Equipment

These materials can also be purchased from the in-game shop using real money or various in-game currencies, or even acquired as event or normal rewards.
* [Crafting Normal Exclusive Equipment] Disassemble normal equipment to obtain modules, steel, and adamants. This method can only produce Rare-Hero(ic) Grade equipment.
* [Crafting Premium Exclusive Equipment] Disassemble exclusive equipment to get Exclusive Equipment Pieces. This method can produce Rare - Legendary Grade equipment.
Exclusive Equipment

That’s our overview for Heroes War: Counterattack’s Exclusive Equipment. This may be daunting at first but once you get more familiar with the game’s mechanics and processes, you’ll surely breeze through it. Please do check out our other dedicated guides regarding equipment. You can also check out our other helpful guides for other topics related to the game.

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