Heroes War: Counterattack

Story Mode

Story Mode
Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

Heroes War: Counterattack features a story map that represents the most basic content of the game and covers the game’s lore and story progress (if you’re interested in it). However, going through the story is still necessary to unlock additional features in the game. In this page, we’ll discuss the game’s story mode feature and the benefits for progressing through it.


There are several locked features and contents in the game and you can only unlock them by progressing through the story. You can check the list below to know which story maps you have to clear to unlock the corresponding game feature. Different contents are opened according to story progression.
Story Mode


Each chapter has several stages. Clearing a stage with all mercenaries in your team alive will give you 3 stars. Clearing a stage for the first time will also award you with a stage perfect clear reward. Depending on the stage, you can collect rewards such as gold, badges, equipment, cores, ability amplifiers, and more. After finishing all stages, you’ll be able to collect diamonds as a chapter clear reward, even if you haven’t reached 3 stars on all stages. You can replay the stages if you want to.
Story Mode

Elite Mode

This feature is only unlocked after reaching the last stage of Union (20-8). However, Elite Mode will only be available in the chapters of Harz and Union. Elite mode allows you to collect the same chapter clear rewards (in normal mode). On top of that, you can also get the first clear and perfect clear rewards. However, there are certain restrictions and conditions for this mode, as follows:
* Only mercenaries of the same force can enter the battle. You can continue the challenge until you clear the stage without consuming energy.
* This content can only be cleared once (and the rewards collected once only)
* Repeat battles and friend support is not available.
Story Mode

So that’s our short guide about Heroes War: Counterattack’s story mode. Please check out our other dedicated pages and guides covering the other features and aspects of the game.

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