Heroes War: Counterattack

How to get more mercenaries?

How to get more mercenaries?
Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

Heroes War: Counterattack allows players to build their army by recruiting new characters (or Mercenaries as the game calls them) to bolster their ranks. Unlike gacha games where luck and RNG plays a factor, you can actually choose and hire mercenaries that you want. In this page, we will discuss the two methods of recruiting new mercenaries for your army.

Recruiting mercenaries is the game's core feature since you'll be fighting various enemies to be able to clear stages and challenges to have some progress in the game. Unlike gacha games where luck and RNG dictate which characters you’ll get, you can (thankfully) choose mercenaries that you want to recruit in this game, as long as you have the required resources and met specific requirements (for certain mercenaries).

Recruiting mercenaries is done by completing Contracts. You can do this right after the tutorial; simply tap the Contracts menu in the lower-left and you’ll be able to see the entire roster of mercenaries in the following window. Take note that all mercenaries you'll recruit will start at LV1 with no equipment so you'll have to build them up by using various consumables or transferring extra equipment that you have to be able to use them as soon as possible.
How to get more mercenaries?

Free Mercenaries

The game offers free mercenaries that will automatically join your army by completing specific tasks. Here is the list of free Mercenaries you can collect.

Unlock requirement
Amy, Magnus, Siam
Complete the tutorial.
Clear Day 1 Mission of the 7-Day Mission Reward
Clear all of the Step 1 tasks of the Upgrade Quest: Iron
Reach 3000 victory points in the Arena.
Clear Season 1 Harz Stage 1-3 (Story Chapter)
Clear Season 1 Harz Stage 10-8 (Story Chapter)
Clear Season 1 Union Stage 15-8 (Story Chapter)
Clear Season 1 Union Stage 20-8 (Story Chapter)
Clear EXP Battlefield Stage 3 (Daily Training)
Clear Gold Battlefield Stage 5 (Daily Training)
Clear Search Mission Stage 7 (Mercenaries Mission)
Clear Trivia Stage 5 (Trace Specimens)
Clear Isard Stage 7 (Trace Specimens)

Normal Contracts

You can select and recruit a mercenary using either Diamonds or Neostones. This is the method that you’ll be using more often. There’s a featured mercenary that can be recruited using Neostones instead of diamonds. These options are rotated daily. If you already have a copy of the featured mercenary, you can purchase that mercenary’s Skill Card instead using Neostones. There’s a limit of 10 purchases per day and you even have a random chance to get a SSR. You'll also be able to see the mercenaries' individual average rating (scored out of 5) as graded by the players /community. You can use this as a basis to help you decide whether you'll want to recruit that mercenary or not. The only exception for this of course, is your personal preference. If you really like a certain mercenary, by all means get him/her regardless of their community grade or rating.
How to get more mercenaries?

Special Contracts

So far, there are four mercenaries that are under the Special Contract category - all of them are story mercenaries. You can recruit them either by purchasing packages or spending diamonds after clearing specific story chapters, as listed below:
How to get more mercenaries?

Unlock requirement
Purchase Trevor Package, clearing Season 1 Harz Stage 10-8
Purchase Evelyn Package, clearing Season 2 Stage 2-8
Purchase using diamonds after clearing Season 2 Stage 4-8
Purchase using diamonds after clearing Season 2 Stage 4-8

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