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Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

Heroes War: Counterattack also features a PvP mode called Arena where players can pit their teams against other players. Even if you're not really into PvP, participating in this content will give you access to helpful rewards. In this page, we will discuss the PvP feature of the game and what it has to offer.

Arena Basics

The Arena can be accessed from the lobby, by tapping the icon on the lower-right corner. In the following window, you’ll see the following information:

1. Your current Arena information, including your win rate, rank, etc
2. In this tab, you can check your ranking, battle history, set your defense team (available only in Iron Grade 2), Arena Shop (this shop will require Arena Points as currency), and Reward Info.
3. In the right pane, you’ll see the five opponents you can face. You can refresh the list using diamonds or wait until the list is automatically updated. Once you defeat all 5 opponents on the list, the list will be refreshed with a new batch of opponents. You’ll earn bonus Arena Points by defeating the last user on the list. Winning against opponents with a higher score (combat power) than you will yield more victory points.

Rewards Information

You can get various rewards daily, weekly, or seasonal. If you also manage to reach 3,000 victory points, you’ll get the mercenary Ziv.
1. Weekly Reward: As the name implies, your reward will be based on the amount of victory points you have acquired for the entire week up until the tally period. (Sunday) You can earn diamonds depending on your rank for that week.
2. Seasonal Reward: The remaining days of the current season will be displayed above the list of enemies in the main arena window. For seasonal rewards, your accumulated victory points and achieved grade will determine your placement. You can earn Arena Points by reaching the indicated thresholds.
3. Mercenary Defeat Reward: If you defeat 15 enemy mercenaries once a day, you’ll randomly get a Promotion Card, EXP Card, or Gold as reward.
4. Best Victory Point Reward: Reaching a certain amount of victory points from 50 to 50,000 can award you with items for upgrading mercenaries such as SSR Promotion Card, Diamonds, Gold, etc.

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