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Equipment Change (Modification)

Equipment Change (Modification)
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In Heroes War: Counterattack, aside from upgrading your mercenaries, you’ll also need to ensure that they are properly equipped to ensure that they’re battle-ready. There are different equipment slots and types in the game as well as corresponding equipment sets that enable stat bonuses, giving you a wide variety of options for your characters. Aside from powering up equipment pieces, the game also offers some options to directly modify their stats with conditions. In this page, we’ll discuss the different modification options players can apply to their equipment.

Why perform Equipment Change?

In Heroes War: Counterattack, Equipment Change is a feature that will allow you to modify three components of an equipment: property, set effect, or part. This is a very attractive option since you can get an equipment’s full potential and desired stats or buffs. However, this is no simple process; you’ll need to spend gold and rare materials. On top of that, the modification attempts are not guaranteed. That’s why it’s recommended to do this process only on high-valued equipment, preferably those with Legendary status.

The main materials required to change 5-star equipment can be obtained through guild raids while 3-star and 4-star equipment can be changed using Steel and Modules as materials. You can purchase these materials from the Shop using in-game currency or obtain them as rewards from various tasks/ quests in the game. There’s no limit on the number of attempts you want to do but do take note that each attempt will always use up the displayed materials regardless if you like the outcome or not.

Sub-property Change

Sub-properties are additional stats available to an equipment depending on its Rarity. (Normal = 0, Premium = 1, Rare = 2, Heroic = 3, Legendary = 4) Everytime an equipment reaches levels 3, 6, 9, and 12, one of the two things may happen: one of their sub-properties will increase or a new random sub-property will be added.

There are two requirements you must meet in order to change the sub-property of an equipment:
* The equipment must be 3-star or above.
* The equipment must be powered up to +12 or higher.

During the change attempt, the star grade, rarity, set, part, main property, prefix property, and power-up level will be maintained; only the types and values of the applicable sub-properties will be randomly determined.
 Equipment Change (Modification)

Set Effect Change

The Set Effect is activated once a mercenary equips any of the required number of pieces (regardless of equipment type). Set Effects comes in either 2 Set or 4 Set variants; as the name implies, equipping 2 pieces of equipment of a 2 set can activate its effect. Using the example image below, you can see that the belt belongs to a Dash (4 Set) group. That means a character that has 4 pieces of equipment belonging to the same set will have a 25% boost in ATK Speed. Since you can only equip 6 equipment pieces, you can either have a 2-2-2 (3 pairs of 2-Set effects) or a 4-2 (1 4-set and 1 2-set) setup.

This process allows you to change an equipment and hopefully make it belong to a set that you want to take effect. The requirement for changing an equipment’s set effect is simple; just make sure that the equipment is 3-star or above. During the change attempt, the star grade, rarity, part, main property, prefix property, sub-property, and power-up level will be maintained; the current effect set of the equipment will be randomly determined among the other sets, except the current one.
 Equipment Change (Modification)

Part Change

There are six equipment parts in the game: Weapons, Gloves, Armor, Shoes, Belts, and Rings. This process allows you to change a part to a different one (weapon to a belt, glove to a ring, etc). Similar to the Set Effect Change requirement, the equipment must be 3-star or above. The star grade, rarity, set, and power-up level will be retained. The current equipment part you’re changing will be randomly transformed into another part, except the one you’re trying to change. In short, you can’t get a weapon when you’re already trying to change a weapon.
 Equipment Change (Modification)

That’s all we have for Heroes War: Counterattack robust Equipment Change system. Please do check out our other dedicated guides regarding equipment. You can also check out our other helpful guides for other topics related to the game.

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