Heroes War: Counterattack

How to Earn Free Diamonds

How to Earn Free Diamonds
Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

Heroes War: Counterattack features several currencies or trade items that you can use and exchange for various goods and services via the in-game shop. Diamonds are one of the premium currencies used in the game. Of course, the easiest way of earning a lot of diamonds with the least effort possible is through microtransactions. Fortunately, the game offers a variety of ways to earn free diamonds - perfect for F2P (Free-to-Play) players. Another thing to be thankful about is that the game is not progress-locked by a paywall; this means that you can have the full experience but you’ll have to progress slower and will require regular and consistent gameplay.

In this page, we’ll discuss the various methods of earning free diamonds. Since these can be obtained for free, albeit you’ll have to work for them obviously.

Event Rewards

You can get free diamonds through various in-game events like monthly attendance, new user attendance, supply boxes, etc. There are also limited and seasonal events where you can earn free diamonds either by simply logging in or completing various event-related tasks. For F2P players, events are great opportunities to earn free diamonds.
How to Earn Free Diamonds

===Arena Weekly Tally===Diamonds can be obtained from Weekly Tally or leaderboard in the Arena. Of course, this means that you have to participate in Arena battles regularly and win most matches in order to get a shot at the leaderboard. Your team’s combat power will be dictated by various factors in the game, like level, equipment, upgrade, etc. You may not be able to enjoy the benefits of this option until your team becomes significantly stronger.
How to Earn Free Diamonds


You can earn diamonds as well from daily quests. There are several objectives that will become available daily. These objectives are the same and will reset as part of the game’s daily reset. Completing at least 10 tasks will allow you to collect 50 diamonds. This is a very reliable and consistent source of free diamonds.
How to Earn Free Diamonds

Gem Refinery

You can craft Diamonds using the Gem Refinery facility. Diamonds will require Uncut Diamonds - the raw material needed processing them into diamonds. However, uncut diamonds are somewhat uncommon so this is not going to be a reliable source.
How to Earn Free Diamonds

Story Progress

You can also earn free diamonds whenever you clear a chapter, regardless if you have 3-starred all stages or not. From the story map, you can claim the 100 diamonds. However, this is only a one-time claim.
How to Earn Free Diamonds

Guild Dispatch

This feature will require you to join a guild first and will become available as your guild levels up. Some dispatch quests will award diamonds upon completion, and more areas for dispatch will be unlocked as the guild levels up as well. The only limitation for this is the long cooldown or dispatch completion time. However, if you have access to this feature, it’s a good passive and free diamond source.
How to Earn Free Diamonds


Sometimes, diamonds will be awarded to players as a form of compensation whenever there's maintenance, update, or unexpected downtime in the game. This is awarded by the developers and follows a case-to-case basis. While this is not a reliable source of diamonds, it’s still free.

That's our quick guide on how to earn free diamonds in Heroes War: Counterattack. Please check out our other dedicated pages and guides, covering the other aspects and features of the game.
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