Heroes War: Counterattack

Card Power-up

Card Power-up
Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

Heroes War: Counterattack uses Cards as means of upgrading mercenary abilities and skill effects, or as materials. We have already covered the different card types and grades, as well the different methods of card drawing in the preceding pages. In this page, we will discuss how to power-up the cards you’ve acquired and make them more potent and effective.

There are three ways to develop a card: leveling up, skill promotion, and grade rank-up. We will cover the different methods in detail below.

Leveling Up

To level up skill or rage cards, you have to use EXP Cards to boost their level up to LV20. Upon reaching that level, you’ll obtain tokens of the same grade as the LV20 card. Furthermore, whenever a card reaches LV.20 for the first time for each card type, you’ll also receive diamonds according to the card’s grade. Finally, you can’t use cards with a higher grade than the card to be powered-up. For example, you can’t use an SSR card to power-up an SR card.
A table of the EXP needed for leveling up
A table of the EXP needed for leveling up

Card Promotion

This is the process of using card materials to promote a card’s skill. You can promote a card up to 3 times per skill. For skill cards, one random skill among the three available normal skills will be promoted once the card is promoted. There are two ways of doing this:
* Use a rage or skill card with the same grade as the target card. You’ll also acquire additional level-up EXP by doing this option.
* Use a promotion card of the same grade. Only the skill is promoted without acquiring additional EXP.
An example of card promotion
An example of card promotion


This process allows you to increase the grade of an R or SR skill card or rage card, once they’ve reached LV20. After the card is successfully ranked-up, the card’s level and skill promotions will be reset.
An example of card rank-up
An example of card rank-up

When ranking up a card, you’ll need the following:
* 9 tokens of the same grade as the target card
* 2 higher grade tokens
* Specified amount of gold.

So for example, if you’ll be ranking-up an SR skill card, you’ll need the following: 9 SR tokens, 2 SSR tokens, and gold. However, if you have promoted the card 9 times, you’ll only need 2 SSR tokens.


This is not a power-up option but useful nonetheless. This method allows you to convert extra / unneeded cards to tokens, matching their grades. If you disassemble a card that’s already been promoted, you’ll obtain extra tokens based on the number of their promotions.
Card Power-up

That’s our quick guide for powering up your cards in Heroes War: Counterattack. Please check out our other dedicated pages and guides, covering the other aspects and features of the game.
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