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Battle Center

Battle Center
Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

Heroes War: Counterattack has various modes for players to take part in, usually providing useful rewards. Battle Center is one of such contents in the game where you can farm Battle Badges needed for powering-up mercenary abilities. In this page, we will discuss the basics of the Battle Center and how it can help powering up your team.

You can access the Battle Center under the Virtual Training option in the Lobby. As mentioned earlier, you can farm Battle Badges in the Battle Center. These badges are necessary for powering-up mercenary abilities. On top of that, you can also get EXP Boosters to level up your mercenaries. To enter the Battle Center, you’ll need a Battle Center Ticket. 4 tickets are recharged to your account daily as part of the game’s daily reset at midnight. You can earn additional battle center tickets by completing certain events or quests.
Battle Pass is under Virtual Training
Battle Pass is under Virtual Training

The Battle Center has 7 themes (Support, Block, Rage, Annihilation, Defense, Protection, Revival) Each theme will be unlocked when you have recruited at least one key mercenary. Key mercenaries of each them have advantageous skills to clear the theme.
The 7 Battle Center Themes
The 7 Battle Center Themes

Whenever you clear a battle, you’ll get battle badges and gold. You can also earn diamonds for clearing a level for the first time. As the level goes up, the more battle badges and gold you’ll earn. From LV5 onwards, you’ll also acquire Conversion Stones as part of the rewards. Conversion Stones are required for Core Conversion.

Clearing the battle with all allied mercenaries alive will award you with 3 stars. Once you cleared a level with 3 stars, the Sweep function will be enabled. Sweep function allows you to instantly clear the level without fighting and allow you to collect the rewards immediately. Whenever you use the Sweep function, you’ll also get EXP Boosters additionally.

So that’s our quick guide about Heroes War: Counterattack’s Battle Center feature. Please check out our other dedicated pages and guides covering the other features and aspects of the game.

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