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Mercenary Evaluation

Mercenary Evaluation
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Heroes War: Counterattack allows players to build their army by recruiting new characters (or Mercenaries as the game calls them) to bolster their ranks. Unlike gacha games where luck and RNG plays a factor, you can actually choose and hire mercenaries that you want. Of course, since most of the top-tier units are acquired through use of resources like diamonds or neostones, it will be great to know which mercenaries to spend these valuable resources on. In this page, we will discuss how to use the game’s helpful evaluation system to help you decide which mercenaries to recruit first.

Mercenary Evaluation is the average score of a mercenary according to the scores submitted by the player base. The highest score is 5 stars so mercenaries with the evaluations hovering around at least 4 or above can be considered as great choices. You’ll be able to see the individual evaluation (or score/grade if you will) for each mercenary by accessing the Contract menu. These are the values beside a star icon within their portrait frames as highlighted below.
Mercenary Evaluation

Aside from seeing a mercenary’s evaluation from the Contract list, you can also check what the community thinks about a mercenary through their own submitted ratings and comments. You can do this by tapping the star icon in the mercenary’s profile. In the following window, you’ll be able to see the opinions and ratings of other players who were able to use the character. You can even leave your own opinion and rating in the same window.
Mercenary Evaluation

When leaving a rating or opinion, always try to be helpful by providing as much information about the mercenary as you can, like their strengths, weaknesses, combat style, skill highlights, or potential. Of course, you’re not required to submit your own evaluation but please do so if you feel like it.
Mercenary Evaluation

That’s our overview about the game’s Mercenary Evaluation system. Use this system to help you decide which mercenaries to recruit and add to your party.

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