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Exclusive Equipment List

Exclusive Equipment List
Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

In Heroes War: Counterattack, aside from upgrading your mercenaries, you’ll also need to ensure that they are properly equipped to ensure that they’re battle-ready. There are different equipment slots and types in the game as well as corresponding equipment sets that enable stat bonuses, giving you a wide variety of options for your characters.

In the previous page, we have covered Exclusive Equipment - gear that can only be equipped to specific characters or their “owners”. They’re quite useful in their own right and somehow limited only by the difficulty of acquiring them. In this page, we will list down all exclusive equipment owned by different mercenaries in the game, divided by class.


As obviously described in their name, this class excels in holding the front line and protecting their back line allies through high HP and Defense. With skills that focus on survivability effects, they're a mainstay on almost any team composition.
Exclusive Equipment List Exclusive Equipment List


These are the frontline damagers of the team, capable of dishing out high damage on single or multiple enemies at melee range.
Exclusive Equipment List Exclusive Equipment List Exclusive Equipment List


Rangers are backrow damage dealers and usually have access to AoE (area-of-effect) attacks. They're not as resilient as frontline Dealers so they must be protected. The highest number of mercenaries belong to this class.
Exclusive Equipment List
Exclusive Equipment List
Exclusive Equipment List
Exclusive Equipment List


As their name implies, these mercenaries protect their allies with buffs, support skills, and most importantly, HP recovery. Always include a supporter in your team, regardless of team composition to ensure that your units stay longer on the battlefield.
Exclusive Equipment List
Exclusive Equipment List


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