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Shop Guide
Heroes War: Counterattack Guide

Like most mobile games, Heroes War: Counterattack has an in-game market composed of several shops where you can spend real-money or collected in-game currency for goods, services, and other privileges. In this page, we will cover the shops available, which are notable items to buy (even for F2P players), and which items or packages should be prioritized - in case you’re going to spend in the game.

Reminder: Your in-game purchases will be your sole discretion and responsibility. If you have encountered shop-related issues, kindly contact the developers for assistance.

You can access the Shop menu in the lower-left corner of the screen. From there, you can switch between different shops by tapping the options at the bottom of the screen. The items sold will depend entirely on your current needs, playing habits, spending capacity, and sole discretion.

Package Shop

This is where you can purchase several packages such as (but not limited to) Subscriptions, Equipment Packs, Skin Packs, Card Packs, etc. Most of these costs real money. Out of all the items offered here, the Monthly Subscription is great if you’ll be playing the game most of the time since the equipment reward slot, gold, and mercenary exp are worth it. For F2P players, you can spend diamonds in the Exclusive Equipment pack in hopes of getting Exclusive Equipment for various mercenaries.
One of the packages available in the Package Shop
One of the packages available in the Package Shop

If you’re not a heavy player but still plays for at least a couple of hours daily, the Monthly Benefit Pack will be quite useful since you’ll get diamonds and a huge amount of energy outright, on top of the diamonds and energy you’ll get daily for 30 days. The other packs are quite situational and will depend on your current needs, playing habits, and discretion.
Monthly Benefit Pack
Monthly Benefit Pack

Diamond Shop

This shop allows you to buy diamonds outright using real money. When purchasing a higher amount of diamonds, you’ll get more bonus diamonds. The price of diamonds can be outrageous so unless you’re really lazy and with complete disregard for money, you’re better off farming the game daily and collecting your free diamonds. Please check out our dedicated guide page for earning free diamonds.
Purchase diamonds directly using real money
Purchase diamonds directly using real money

Item Shop

This shop is divided into three sub-shops: Game Money, Neostone, and Token shops. The Game Money shop allows you to trade diamonds for various in-game items like tickets, energy, EXP cards, and more.
The Game Money Shop
The Game Money Shop

Neostone Shops will allow you to exchange Neostones for ability amplifiers, craft house building materials, draw tickets, and core boxes.

For the Token Shop, you can exchange tokens for Skill/Rage Card draw tickets, Selective Tickets, Gold, Design Box, and SSR Promotion Card. You can earn tokens by Disassembling cards you don’t need. You can do this by accessing the Storage (bag icon) on the upper-right corner of the screen, then tap Disassemble in the lower-right, and select the cards you want to disassemble. The rarity of the card will determine what token you’ll get; R cards give you R Tokens, SR cards give SR tokens, and SSR cards give SSR Tokens.
Disassemble old cards to convert them into tokens
Disassemble old cards to convert them into tokens

Point Shop

The point shop has five sub shops, each requiring a different kind of point as currency. We’ll discuss them individually below. There are daily and weekly purchase limits on some items so take note of them as well.
Shop Guide

* Arena Point (AP): You’ll earn these points by fighting in the arena. You can purchase SR-SSR Card Draw, EXP cards, energy, random looting equipment box, and an SSR Promotion Card (available only once a week)
* Mercenary Points (MP): You can earn Mercenary Points by completing Mercenary Missions. You can use these points to purchase EXP cards, Battle Badges, Cores, EXP Boosters, and materials required to upgrade craft buildings.
* Friendship Points (FP): You can earn Friendship Points by sending FP to your friends and receiving FP from them. The more your friends are, the more FP you’ll receive if they decide to send FP on their end. You can use these points to purchase energy, arena tickets, battle center tickets, and EXP Cards.
* Guild Point (GP): You can earn Guild Points by participating in various guild-related content. You can use these points to purchase Premium Draws, EXP Booster, Battle Badges, Cores, and Conversion Stones.
* Refinery Point (RP): You’ll earn Refinery Points whenever you use the Underground Refinery. You can use these points to purchase Exclusive EQ Pieces, Adamant, Steel, Module, and Compound Powder.

So that’s our short guide about Heroes War: Counterattack’s in-game shop. Please check out our other dedicated pages and guides, covering the other aspects and features of the game.

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